Fight with my husband




So sorry Puzzleannie! How did I miss this post?!!

This is too funny and too true.

God must be laughing at us.


Well I can say that when one gets older sometimes you can’t do things you used to do easily. Can’t really speak from personal experience, but when you see the “old guys” around the rink dragging themselves out hunched over using their wife as a support after a game you can definately see that the body isn’t always going to be what it was.


So how did it go today? Did you guys make up?


Try saying those three little words that women find so difficult to say:

“I am sorry”



haha…oh only women have a hard time with them?:rolleyes:
Trust me…it’s not just women.:o


That’s what I was thinking!!! I’ve never had a hard time apolgozing but my DH is the one that has to twist things around so mistakes that he made some how turn out to be my fault.

Also whenever he does something that hurts me, he’ll get MAD! I guess he thinks that if he’s madder than me, then I’ll just forgive him. :confused: He’s much better than he used to be.


Ooh, are we married to the same person? Mine does the same darn thing.


haha…oh only women have a hard time with them?:rolleyes:
Trust me…it’s not just women.:o

I am sorry, I was wrong. (tooshay!):wink:


CCmo8, you know its tough dealing with reality sometimes, but you are right!
Redtech, Whatevergirl, and Maryb23- and anyone else who cares…

I stayed up late (he was really out like a light) and I wrote him a letter on the computer, then hand wrote it on really nice paper I never use:o (it was a bargian I tell you!:smiley: ) and put a ribbon around it, put it next to his glasses so he would see it when he woke up. I made him poached eggs on toast with bacon (he loves that) and our “better coffee” we only use on the weekends since we are frugal.:o
He came down the stairs and I told him, I was wrong. I know I should have included you in all this, but I hope you forgive me and we can start over!
He hugged me, and ate his breakfast, (takes him time to wake up)
He had to leave in a hurry this morning so we did not have much time to talk but he said, “I’ll call you when I get a break at work” :slight_smile:
I guess that things are fine. I have some progress on the last hole and should be done today. The boots have a little crack on the right one, but I think they will be okay. I only weigh 118 pounds so I have to put all my body weight back and forth on both sides of the shovel to get it in this clay. I had that clamshell auger, but its too hard to use.
I am going out to finish, put the sprinkler on for the little one and hope to spend at least another half hour digging before taking another CAF break!:smiley:

Thanks for making me cheer up. I dont like it when my husband and I are at odds. He is good to us.


I’m so glad things seem to be better. I don’t like it either when my DH and I aren’t right. There’s so much tension in the house. :frowning:

I know what you mean about digging in clay. When we dug for our roses and when my DH dug for his garden we had to use a pick ax to get through the clay. :rolleyes

I want to plant pumpkins and got the kids some seeds yesterday but that means getting soil ready somewhere in our yard because our garden is full. The woman at Home Depot suggested planting in pots but if DH is willing to get the ground ready, that would be cheaper. I’m sure he was so excited when I told him my pumpkin plans. :wink:

I hope your trees grow beautifully! :smiley:


Thank you for keeping my spirits high!
I hope your pumpkins are the envy of the neighborhood!:slight_smile:

*black J- did not mean to ignore you!:o
I was going to tell you to take a hint from MM about how to deal with a thread that is female dominant…:wink:

But, I do appreciate your good advice!


Always nice to be talked about!! :wink:


ONLY good things!




I’ll never forget when we lived in Europe and had lots of roses in the yard…my DH said he was going out to prune the roses and he ended up cutting our rose TREE all the way to the ground. It took two years for that thing to grow back. I still tease him about it.



Guess what guys?

I DID IT!:smiley:

Now, I can make him smile when he comes home! Just finished!

I am sweaty. :blush:
clear the area BO alert!:eek:


Sounds like a control issue. Do you like to do things on your own without assistance?
If it’s not that, it’s stubborn pride. :o


Glad to know the project is done. :wink:


Thanks Mrs Abbott, I will think about what you said.:slight_smile:

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