Fighting back against anti-Christian bigots in Nanaimo BC Canada (concerning) Chick-fil-A

Signs of the future for Christians !!??
Watch the Sun News special on these disgraceful councillors.

Local leaders in Nanaimo, British Columbia voted last month to ban a local pay-per-view streaming of a conference at the city’s convention center due to one of the sponsors of the event – Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A.

According to a Toronto Sun report, people were set to pay $60 to watch a May 9 simulcast of a conference called Leadercast, being broadcast from the Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth and from a Cape Town, South Africa to hundreds of locations around the world. The simulcast was to be viewed locally in Nanaimo’s convention center.

In a May 5 meeting, Nanaimo city council members called Chick-fil-A “hateful,” in reference to comments in 2012 and 2013 by company CEO Dan Cathy opposing gay marriage. In an 8-1 vote, the city’s council voted to block viewing of the event at the convention center.

Sounds less anti-Christian and more anti-homophobe.

If that is so, why would they assume being anti-homosexual ‘marriage’ is homophobic?

You can justify almost any stupid idea as an anti- homophobe concept, and that is what is going on in the western world.

Well, the more I listen to the council meeting, the more I find myself siding with the lone dissenting voice. So maybe you’re right.

[quote=VeritasLuxMea] Sounds less anti-Christian and more anti-homophobe.

No, they sound pro-moron to me, frankly.

Cathy is a gentleman and hardly a “homophobe.” Do we we really want to start carving up America into areas voted into red or blue? Id rather let people speak with their wallets, but apparently for this low iq city council, bullying works better. Which reminds me, I dont want to ever hear some “progressive” talk about the horrors of bullying againm Its practically all we see from them.

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I live in British Columbia, and more and more, I’ve noticed that my Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees are being impinged upon. I do get that this is a city and their ordinances are not necessarily governed by federal law, however I am always dismayed when the right to freedom of expression is censored. That is why I don’t mind when views are openly discussed, events held, etc. that are contrary to my beliefs. Because it should work both ways, the rights of all citizens should be inviolate.

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