Fighting cousin


I have this cousin. I dont know what relgion she is. Anyway she would keep asking me questions about the catholic religion then fight with me about it. I finally quit talking to her when she kept on the Blessed Mother. Now for the third time she is emailing me again like nothings wrong. But it always ends with her on the Blessed Mother. should i just keep ignoring her now. The last time I told her to just leave me alone. She said horrible things about the Blessed Mother. Now 3 months later shes e-mailing me again.


Your cousin can only do to you what you allow her to. So, if you don’t want to associate with her, tell her so and tell her why. Tell her not to email you again until she’s apologized for her offensive statements about your Faith and the Blessed Virgin.

The ball is in your court.

You can also choose to continue talking to her until/unless she offends again-- then you can tell her not to contact you again and why.


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