Fighting demons on the web

For some reason, lately, I’ve been coming across more than the usual amount of unholy things on the internet. Not so much things that cause people to sin (e.g.- overt misuse of sexuality) but seriously demonic stuff that’s disturbing to me, at least. For instance, a pop-up ad that would not close where a hideous demon opens its mouth in your face (turned out to be an ad for some horror film) and a disgusting website featuring various misuses of the blessed sacrament (don’t even want to repeat what I saw there).

Anyone else experiencing this (or experienced it in the past)? What are the best defenses? I already have a Sacred Heart image on my desktop and a few sacramentals around in my room (rosary, blessed palms)…what’s a girl to do?? :eek:

The best advice I can give to you is to pray for help and guidence during these times of trouble. I would advise not looking at videos or photos of befoulment of the Blessed Sacrament. That is a serious offense to Jesus Christ, and it offends him when people watch that.

firefox + ad blocker pro + no-script = answer

Yep, a big advantage of Firefox is that it lets you customize your browser so that pop-ups and ads can be blocked. I think its worth dumping Internet Explorer for that reason alone.

I am not familiar with the No Script add-on (but I just downloaded it, thanks Lynx!), however I have been using the Adblock Plus add-on for a year and I strongly recommend it.

Glad to be of help. The only draw back with noscript is you always need to let it know what website content to allow. However this probably a better practice than not. While we’re on firefox extensions let me recommend, , it’s a great memory management tool from a very Christian developer . He purportedly develops programs for God.

Thanks, guys. I’ve been using Firefox and did have pop-ups blocked at the time…not sure how that movie ad got around the blocker, but any-who…will do some more research into these programs…

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