Fighting Starvation, Haitians Share Portions

NY Times:

Fighting Starvation, Haitians Share Portions

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Maxi Extralien, a twig-thin 10-year-old in a SpongeBob pajama top, ate only a single bean from the heavy plate of food he received recently from a Haitian civic group. He had to make it last.
“My mother has 12 kids but a lot of them died,” he said, covering his meal so he could carry it to his family. “There are six of us now and my mom.”

For Maxi and countless others here in Haiti’s pulverized capital, new rules of hunger etiquette are emerging. Stealing food, it is widely known, might get you killed. Children are most likely to return with something to eat, but no matter what is found, or how hungry the forager, everything must be shared.

I've been listening to the BBC & they report that aid hasn't reached many people so neighborhood groups are forming spontaneously to dig out survivors (and the dead), find food, provide what medical care they can, &c.

God bless the people of Haiti...

this is so awful.

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