Fighting temptation


I have a sin that I can't win over sometimes. I do real well, Then I give in to it. Is it normal to lose to sin when you try not to give in?? Will you lose your call to priesthood?? I am doing better with it but I sometimes can't fight it and I hate my sins I detest my sins, What good am I why would Jesus want me?? Would Jesus get sick of me and recind my calling? I have a hard time with this sin. What can I do to fight it? it is a typical sin but stil la mortal sin. I am really upset I gave in to it again.. I am so sad right now. Any advice?


I think that you detest your sin and are fighting to overcome it is a good start. God is merciful, so keep using His grace through the sacraments, and don’t let Satan tell you that Jesus would ever get sick of you.



I have found the most succeessful way for me is to admit that I can't avoid the temptation and ask God to help me. Satan is called the "Accuser" with good reason. He tries to convince us that we are no good, so that God loses someone very important to Him. Close your ears to Him and listen to God. When I recognize Satan's voice, I just say, "Jesus" over and over and he goes away fast.


Hi, you could try different things, and stick to something that works for you.

I find saying the Lord's prayer and making the sign of the cross effective. :)


This is one tip I picked up from Islam :eek: according to their tradition satan was created from fire, so drinking a glass of water is recommended. Water of course helps quench fire.

When you feel the urge, try to calm yourself and slow yourself down, drink water and pray. :thumbsup:


I don’t think Jesus would say, “Oh no, not holy enough…moving you on to a different way of life.” No. I read somewhere that God’s vocation in life for us does not change at all. God doesn’t play games where he has one vocation for you and then changes it tomorrow.

Sin is easy to succumb to, and Our Lord knows that very much. We are all human. My old parochial vicar used to be a “party boy” in college, which involved drugs, alcohol, etc., but he is a priest now. The Lord calls men from all walks of life to be servants for Him and His Church. Seminary is a great place where you learn to grow and develop into the priest that God wants you to be.


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