Fighting with teenagers: A copyright story

Okay, downloaders, what if you got an e-mail from artist asking you to knock it off?
That's what composer Jason Brown tried.


I signed on to the website that is most offensive to me, got an account, and typed my name into the Search box. I got 4,000 hits. Four thousand copies of my music were being offered for "trade." (I put "trade" in quotes because of course it's not really a trade, since nobody's giving anything up in exchange for what they get. It's just making illegal unauthorized copies, and calling it "trade" legitimizes it in an utterly fraudulent way.) I clicked on the most recent addition, and I sent the user who was offering that music an email. This is what I wrote:

Hey there! Can I get you to stop trading my stuff? It's totally not cool with me. Write me if you have any questions, I'm happy to talk to you about this. [email][/email]


There follows a long & interesting e-mail exchange between Mr Roberts and a young lady who suspects he's a "creeper" but, even accepting he really is the composer, like, totally doesn't get what his problem is.

Also see NY Times Pogue's Posts on the same topic.

It’s called “culture of entitlement”. Digital piracy is pretty much systematic of everything in society. If you want something, then you do it/take it. No rules, no morals, or anything. Sex with no “consequences” (aka babies), drugs, or whatever because “I want it now”.

It’s not like a generation of people living way beyond their means ($500K houses with no downpayment and multi-generational mortgages, because they want if without any second thought about how they can actually afford it) was a big help either.

There are a number of pirate sites, and they don't care. They want stealing to be legal. And that is truly wrong. There is no justification for it. None.

Imagine working on a book for months, paying artists and writers, paying to have it printed, and then seeing it scanned cover to cover on a so-called "file sharing" site a month later?

Copyright legislation for the internet is in the works right now. Billions of dollars of real compensation are being lost. A few foreign countries already have laws in place. The message is very old: Don't Steal.

And what ever happened to asking for permission?

God bless,

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