Filesharing a sin?

is downloading stuff via frostwire (individual mp3s) and bitcomet (torrents) a sin?? I know breaking laws of your country is a sin, but it isnt illegal where I’m from so I’m not breaking any laws… Especially only If I am using it for personal use and I am not distrubuting/pirating/uploading and seeding anything.

If the mp3 or movie has a copyright, then yes it is a sin. Whether you share it with someone or not, if you do not pay the rightful owner for his/her music track, CD or film, then you have stolen from them.

Canada has copyright laws so I don’t know how you think you are not breaking the law as well. And so does the U.S.

I’ve actually talked to a cop about it… he said its a very grey area and he actually doesnt know what part of it can be classified as “illegal” and he said that as long as you dont download more than 500 mb on bandwidth and you dont distribute it or seed it you should be ok (personal consumption). They actually only bust you if you operate an uploading serve something like that… but the governmet wont actually waste its time on small fry, like your an individual and if you download stuff once in a while, every now and then they dont really care… correct me if im wrong tho.

I actually buy alot of my stuff through itunes… i know alot of people in my university do it and if they get stuff for free why cant i? Like I was at the library and I pass by atleast 5 computers with frostwire on it… I always buy my stuff through itunes, but I could save on $$ especially since im on a student budget… I will continue to play it safe and continue to buy stuff legit, but I was just wondering if it was a sin or not since if that is so I know many good catholics friends of mine that are filesharers that are in a state of sin then

OK. nvm, i think i found my answer. my conviction is telling me that it is a sin. moderator please delete this post. thank you.

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