Filipino's protestants proud of skepticm about Karl Keating

Here is the link


I think they are too proud of nothing. Was all those posted correct?


I have never heard of Iglesia ni Cristo outside of Catholic Answers. I have never seen nor heard of any of their houses of worship. I have never seen anything about them in the papers or on the news or on any other Christian website that I’ve ever visited.

If not for Catholic Answers, I would, to this day, have never heard of this denomination. Why, I wonder, do they think that Karl Keating should jump at every (or ANY) invitation to speak to them? Doesn’t he have bigger fish to fry than this fringe groupo? He met with them (at least) once already, and that seems enough.

I hear he has not yet accepted the invitation to debate the Church of Elvis either.

Any group who’s best argument for being the church that Christ founded is “Our name means Church of Christ” can’t be taken seriously.

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