Filipinos whipped and nailed to crosses in terrifyingly realistic re-enactment of the Crucifixion

Devout Filipinos have been nailed to crosses and whipped in an annual ritual to mark Good Friday.

Dozens of people were crucified in villages across the Roman Catholic country, in one of the world’s most bizarre practices to mark the day when Christians believe Jesus Christ was put to death.

The event drew more than 10,000 Filipino and foreign spectators.


And from London, Trafalgor Square:

[FONT=“Arial”]This practice has been condemned by the Vatican on numerous occasions. To allow or encourage it is to sanction disobedience![/FONT]:frowning:

I don’t approve of the crucifixions and flagellations, but they have been going on for decades, and perhaps hundreds of years, in the Philippines.

Could you refer us to where the Vatican has condemned the practice? I ask because the bishops in the Philippines don’t seem to condemn it, although they do discourage it.

“The real expression of Christian faith during Lent is through repentance and self- denial.”

Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez stressed this as he discouraged penitents from performing practices such as crucifixion and self-flagellation, and other similar acts during the Holy Week.

“People should avoid self-flagellation. There are many ways of repenting for our sins,” he said over Church-run Radio Veritas.

Another Catholic prelate, Bishop Rolando Tirona, likewise, expressed his disapproval of self-flagellation and crucifixion by Catholic penitents which, he said, “are expressions of superstitious beliefs and are usually done out of the need for money and for tourism purposes which is totally wrong.”

(Bishop Pablo David said) “This is a tourist activity drawing thousands of people yearly but does nothing for the teachings of the Church," David said.

“The archdiocese tolerates the ‘Cutud’ but would rather it not take place. It is folk religiousity but not one we favor at all," he added.

how is it different than the Living Stations of the Cross/Way of the Cross? Looks much more theatrical to me, or are they really harming each other?

I’m not sure about recent events, but in decades past the whipping drew blood (sometimes copiously) and in a few cases, the participants were actually nailed to the cross.

I agree it does appear to be theatrical to me also.

I am sure it is plenty painful, but there is not normally any lasting physical damage. some people do it year after year.

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