Fill a Pew, Get a Brew

Fill a Pew, Get a Brew

A diocese in the Church of England, has found a creative way to get men to come to church. This past Sunday the church offered a range of incentives for men attending Father’s Day service, including bacon rolls, chocolate bars, and free beer.
[The Rt Rev John Inge, the Bishop of Worcester] argued that the free beer was intended to be symbolic of “the generosity of God”.
Men at St Stephen’s church in Barbourne, Worcester, will be handed bottles of beer by children during the service. A prayer will be said for the fathers before the gifts are distributed.

The Ven Roger Morris, archdeacon of Worcester, who will be leading the service at St Stephen’s today, said that it was a practical way of sending a message to fathers.

“I don’t see any other time that we can stop and remember fathers, and this is a gesture saying ‘Here’s something that will bless you,’” he said.

Exactly when during the liturgy is this bottle-passing being done?

Well, liturgically I can’t support this, but a good Ben Franklin quote is in order:
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” :slight_smile:

handed bottles of beer by children - Illegal according to federal law
during the service - Illegal according to Canon Law

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I’m not sure if it is illegal in the UK to have children hand bottles of beer to adults…and I’m also not clear that the Church of England is under Canon Law. However, I do find the idea of handing out bottles of beer during church service disconcerting.

This is church of England, so they don’t fall under our federal laws, nor our Canon Laws.

But, I agree that it was an inappropriate time to be handing out beer…after their service would have been more opportune…

If the bottles are sealed, I don’t see what difference it would make if it was just a gift.
Many churches hand out carnations or other gifts to moms on Mothers Day.
Now a beer fest during the service might be something else…:wink:

To be clear, I would take a beer over a carnation any day of the week. :stuck_out_tongue: However, I agree with Ilroy that after service would have been more appropriate…perhaps a beer fest in the hall. :thumbsup:

Yes, although it did take place in England, so their laws may be different. Here in the US, one church passed out Dad’s root beer on Father’s Day, although the article doesn’t mention whether children handled the distribution.

Perhaps, although since it was an Anglican church their Canon law may differ. A senior bishop supported the decision.

“Jesus created a lot more wine at a point in the party when some thought that there had already been enough drinking. He was all in favour of partying,” the bishop said.

"We give wine away every Sunday, so giving away beer could be said to going downmarket a bit, but it’s an attempt to speak of God’s generosity.

Yes, no doubt. I won’t even bother to ask whether the offer of free beer worked to get more men in. :eek:

Indeed. The archdeacon of Worcester, who led the service, was quoted:

“I don’t see any other time that we can stop and remember fathers, and this is a gesture saying ‘Here’s something that will bless you,’” he said.

With all respect to the bishop, that is very poor reasoning on his part. Jesus created more wine at a reception (a “party” as the bishop rightly calls it), but he didn’t pass out wine during the wedding ceremony. Also, to say “we give away wine every Sunday” is a pretty poor description of communion. :frowning:

this is sad if this is the only way to get the english men and fathers to come to church.

the goal is to keep them coming back and they certainly can’t offer a beer every sunday can they?

mmmmmm… beeeer

Perhaps a BBQ after the Mass with some adult beverages would be more appropriate!

Revert TSIEG


So I should leave some for the others in line during communion?

SamH… you are killing me… I have to go to a softball game!! HAHA

So what kinda beer are we talking about? No matter… I think BYOB would be the best for all involved!

it only remains to note they drink their beer warm over there

Nope… I have been to the UK, and there beer is good and cold!

Not if you get it in church. :wink:

Donno, never had beer while at Church! :smiley:

Yep. In fact, I inadvertently got a waitress in trouble when I had my first Guinness in London. I asked if it was the normal serving temperature, and her boss chastised her because she served me the Guinness in a frosted glass - cold is okay but no frosted glass. :o

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