Film... Heidi

When I was little, I loved the book “Heidi” I guess it’s been 32 years since I read it.

Today, the film version was on starring Shirley Temple. I think it took some artistic liberties.

I only saw about 20 minutes at the end.

I don’t remember:

  1. The Grandfather getting arrested.

  2. An attempt to sell Heidi to the gypsies.

  3. The Grandfather breaking out of jail

  4. A horse and sleigh chase involving The Grandfather, Heidi, and the entire police department.

Bad memory on my part or artistic liberties?:slight_smile:

I do believe that was artistic license.

That was a bad, bad Heidi Film. Definitely not the little Swiss miss from the past. Grossi would never have done such things .:smiley:

Is that the same “Heidi” that interrupted the final few minutes of the Super Bowl, or was it a different version? Like most people, I still equate “Heidi” with The Famously Ruined Super Bowl TV Broadcast. (Though I suppose if anyone listened to the game on the radio, they didn’t miss the final call. :D)

The famous ‘Heidi game’ was not the Super Bowl: it was the closing seconds of a late-season game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. I think the year was 1968. I remember this very well…NBC’s switchboards were swamped with irate football fans protesting the switch from the game to the movie.

The papers afterwards called that game ‘The Heidi Bowl’…maybe you got that confused with the Super Bowl. Oh, man, can you imagine if that actually happened during the Super Bowl? There would be ‘war’! :eek:

It was because of this that the networks that broadcast football games stay with the contests to the very end, and the rest of the evening’s programs get pushed back.

I never heard of the Heidi bowl…funny.:smiley:

No, they didn’t cut away from the football game to show the Shirley Temple version. It was a newer (at that time) remake of “Heidi.”

The original book was much, much better but I still like the old Shirley Temple movie, too.

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