FILM: October Baby

SIAP, I didn’t see a thread on this already.

MY wife and I just saw this movie and I have to say it has a powerful prolife message. It is no overtly prolife, meaning it has no absolute judgment as to abortion, but it is pretty clear what the only “choice” is. And finally in a movie when a Catholic priest speaks he sounds compassionate and intelligent. If you are going to see it, don’t get up when the credits start…wait a minute…

Has anybody seen this movie?


Movie is Out on March 23, 2012-check out some clips:

October Baby Trailer
approx. 1 1/2 mins.

Every Life is Beautiful
approx. 35 secs.

October Baby Stories 01: “Shari”
approx. 5 mins.

When the Erwin Brothers heard Gianna tell her story of surviving an abortion, they knew they had the beginning of a great story. See for yourself when October Baby opens in theaters March 23.
approx. 5 mins.

Story behind the casting of the main character Hannah Lawson in October Baby and the actress who brought her to life Rachel Hendrix.
Approx. 5 mins.

You and your wife must have been blessed with an advanced showing. The movie actually opened on Friday, March 23, 2012. It was absolutely every minute worthwhile! I saw it as extremely pro-life, did show a priest with not only compassion but also a good sense of humor.

I also saw this as giving a voice to the other side with great compassion. Too often, we hear, ‘don’t do this,’ with very little said about what happens when/if we do. This gives voice to those people, and possibly some insight, for others to possibly learn compassion for them.

my two cents,
Anne Marie

I was extremely impressed with how the movie was done. It wasn’t over the top in pushing an sort of agenda, and it didn’t make people with values look like religious fanatics either.

The musical score was good, the plot was strong, the acting was pretty authentic, and the message is so amazing. It is nice to see a movie come out that can appeal to a mass audience and still have wholesome values.

Anyone who hasn’t seen it should definitely go and see it- especially if you are pro-life!

Ite in pace,

My wife and I saw it on Sunday 3/25/12

We were very impressed. I was touched to the point of tearing up and I am usually very reserved in expressing my emotions.

It has so much to offer many; prolifers, medical professionals, adoptive parents, and post-abortive mothers. It had a beautiful message not only of prolife but of forgivness as well.

The part at the very end, an interview with one of the actors, was a real suprise with what she had to say (sorry no spoilers here).

The production was great . Too many times Christian movies are dispointing; low budget, bad acting, hokey dialogue. None of that was present in this movie.

If it is playing in your area, please go see it! Encourage everyone you know to see it!

It is a very important film!

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