Film on Padre Pio

I have been desperately on a look out for a film on Padre Pio outside the usual documentaries and came across this particular one on YouTube. The film is in 22-parts.

I watched this about 3 months ago, it’s a great film. The lead actor was a great choice.

Resurrecting the thread. I’ve been watching this film s few parts at a time.

Very good film, and Sergio Castellito is great as Padre Pio.

I like the use of the dialect, having never heard Padre Pio speak before.

Will have to look it up. :popcorn::popcorn::clapping:

St. Ignatius Press sells two movies about Padre Pio.

They have the same movie that’s on Youtube (‘Padre Pio: Miracle Man’) and another movie called ‘Padre Pio’:

See page 5 of their Drama DVDs:

Thanks, Dwyer. I made enquiries of the film only at St Paul’s and CTS next to the Cathedral but, neither had them.

Here’s another link to a rare footage of Padre Pio at the Friary.

Is it okay to watch this movie in YouTube? is it copyright? I saw some of it, but I’m thinking of getting the DVD though to watch the whole movie, it looks really good :slight_smile:

It’ll be fine. I watched the whole film on YouTube and was not served legal notice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the link. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

thanks, I would still want to get the DVD just to have the movie :slight_smile: also it could be illegal to *upload *movies on youtube, so I’m not too sure if I feel comfortable watching it there…

For those who have seen it… I know that in the movie, someone accuses St Padre Pio of an immoral relationship with one of the women, which is of course ridiculous and untrue. But it does turn out in the movie that he’s innocent, right?? Does the movie show him in a respectful way? I just want to make sure… because of course in reality he is innocent. Is the movie generally faithful to his life? (I realize it’s probably not totally factual).

thank you :slight_smile:

I have seen it on dvd

from what i remember the bishop who talks with him throughout the movie brings it up about the women he is friends with

Padre Pio defends himself and gets a bit upset at the bishop,i dont think it was brought up again
he says even St Francis had Clare as a companion to the bishop

This same movie is sold commercially as “Padre Pio, Miracle Man.” I have purchased it several times but gave them both to a nun and a priest, so I will have to buy it again. I agree, it is a terrific movie. Padre Pio is accused of an immoral relationship with a woman in the movie, but is vindicated. Anyone who knows much about his life learns about the severe trials he underwent.
The movie is respectful of his life. From what I have read of his life it is generally accurate, but I can’t speak about every detail in the movie.

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