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I’ve just watched a very moving film about a group of French monks who resist terrorism in a small north African village. It’s based on true events.

The most moving element of the film is that the resistance to violence and threats is achieved almost entirely through contemplation and prayer. It demonstrates what a blessing a contemplative vocation is for those who are called.

I can’t recommend the film enough. The UK title is “Of God and Men” - it may be called something else depending on your country. If you have a chance to see it please do.

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i actually remember browsing through movies a while ago and seeing this. i was contemplating if i should watch it or not, decided not to, but maybe ill go check it out.

You are lucky if you live in an area where you see this in a theater. From all accounts, this is a very good film and the Academy Awards really messed up by passing it over. The film was France’s official nomination for the Best Foreign Language film category.

Anyways, here is an earlier thread discussing the film. It has some useful information:

Ooooo, I will definitely have to check that one out, maybe when it comes on Netflix or something…

Thankyou Clare for taking the time to share this film recommendation wih us. I enjoy watching films particularly films that are based on true stories, are a rich source of inspiration and present a challenge to our own lives in a practical and/or spiritual way. I am in an unenviable position (when it comes to viewing films that is) of having three children aged 7 to 15 and what to watch on film that is appropriate for ages 7 to 47??? I have recently viewed a diversity of films Into Great Silence, The Miracle of Marcelino and the Reluctant Saint all enjoyed by the whole family. I look forward to seeing Of God and Men and any future recommendations that you may like to share. Rich blessings Craig

I heard a review of the movie on our local Catholic radio station, and was intrigued. It is supposed to be in the theater this weekend. If I get my taxes finished by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go see it tomorrow evening. If not, maybe some evening this week (before Thursday, of course!)

With all the trash that’s out there it’s delightful that good movies which present spiritual challenges and intellectual stimulation are being made. Wish there were more of them! Those of us who are trying to pursue a good life and have a brain in our skulls have money, too, and we like to spend it on films which are uplifting. Anyone can put together trash, and it’s not very entertaining to the discerning moviegoer. Trash has its shock value, but artistically, it’s just a very high-budget form of “entertainment” that is on the same level as the third grade kid who makes faces when the teacher isn’t looking. Thanks, but with the price of theater tickets nowadays, I’ll hold out for something with some spiritual and intellectual meat and potatoes!

Hollywood, are you listening?

Hi All

I’m glad that you might be able to spare a couple of hours to watch the film.

I should have mentioned that there are a couple distressing scenes of violence enacted on the villagers. It may not be appropriate viewing for everyone.

I hope that you enjoy the overall film.

Clare :slight_smile:

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