Film shows life inside cloistered Carmelite monastery


A new film, currently being screened in the UK and Ireland , shows life inside the cloister.

British filmmaker Michael Whyte lives in West London’s Notting Hill area across the square from a Carmelite monastery, Most Holy Trinity.

For years he wondered about the building across the square; then one day he inquired about making a documentary there.

The sisters considered his proposal, but kept putting him off — for 10 years. Finally, they opened their doors to him for a full year. The resulting film, No Greater Love, is now being screened in the U.K. by Hot Property Films, which hopes to bring the film to the U.S.

The film is currently scheduled for a DVD release in June, but I would think that if the film is to be shown in the US, the DVD launch here might be delayed, much as it was with the movie Into Great Silence.

Here is the official website for the film:

You can watch the movie trailer at the above site, or here:

And here is the official website for the Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity, Notting Hill, London.


Thank you for this Dale_M.


Someone was inspired by "Die Grosse Stille." :thumbsup:


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