FILM: Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion

A new film documentary released a week ago in Manhattan. Has anyone seen it? Be the first to review it.

Again, has anyone seen it?


I can send you a copy of the film, if you’d like to see it yourself. Please send me a mailing address. We also have many other films about faith, spirituality and social issues, so I could add you to the mailing list if you like,
First Run


I just wonder if it will be sell on the big screen especially for the teens and college crowds.

This subject has been taboo all their life so to see it a movie theater, Wow. Many of the offbeat ones that are near universities would probably carry it as long as they got ticket sales.

Any New Yorkers here who have seen it?

Still wondering if anyone has seen this?

I don’t think it is major release. More like limited art film showings. Won’t be many who will see it, in the long run. Though those who do are probably more likely to be artsy college kids.

Haven’t even heard about it until now

I just saw it on Netflix. It was very powerful. I think it was a fair portrayal of the pro-life movement, both the good (Fr. Pavone) and the bad (The Army of God). I cried twice (at least, I got all teary eyed) and threw up once (but…I am home from work today with a pretty bad stomach virus!) Abortion is such a hot topic; it’s hard to talk to people about it. I would love to have a reasonable discussion with…anyone, but it always devolves into shouting, slogans, recriminations, and anger.

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