Film with a good soundtrack

So, here I am. In the mood for a nice, good ol’ motion picture.

I like films that have a good soundtrack, something like Doubt, or Grey Gardens (the new one), and the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Coraline, even. I don’t know, but soundtracks MAKE the picture for me.

Anyone have any suggestions along these lines, something that’s appropriate and without much sexual content (enough that I don’t have to fast-forward for 15 minutes ever 30 seconds)?

I’m a big fan of anything with a soundtrack by Danny Elfman - “Edward Scissorhands” is my favorite by far. I’m also a fan of the movie “Legend”, and the original soundtrack by Tangerine Dream is amazing.

And yes, I’m a child of the 80’s, why do you ask?

Oh, and if you want to bawl, you could watch “Life is Beautiful”, which won an academy award for best actor of Roberto Benigni.

Friday night lights!

Explosions in the sky are my favorite band…

For me, Bernard Hermann was the master of film music - he wrote the soundtrack to Psycho, as well as Vertigo, North by North West and a bunch of other classic films.

Also, check out John Barry - he composed for films such as Midnight Cowboy, Born Free, Dr No. His style has lush sounding string sections and is very distinctive.

**Star Trek: The Motion Picture **- the first Trek feature film, released in 1979. The film is rather slow-moving compared to the later entries, but the score is magnificent (it was nominated for an Oscar). The main title theme would later be re-used for the opening credit sequence of the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, and the Klingon theme would find its way into a couple of the Next Generation feature films (which Goldsmith also composed) as a motif for Worf.

It also has very little objectionable material. It was rated “G” in the United States on its initial release.

Are we talking score or soundtrack music?

For score, I really love Wendy Carlos, Jerry Goldsmith, Hermann…

My personal favorite soundtracks:

Fight Club, The Big Lebowski, Crazy Heart, “Big Love.”

I’m tired or I could list some more! :slight_smile:

Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

…anything slightly melancholic?

“Panic In Year Zero” (1962). I nice little 50s sci/fi nuclear war paranoia film. Check out the cool early 60s uptempo jazz throughout. Fun stuff.

“Bladerunner” always blows me away.

What sort of music are you thinking of?

In recent years, there have been films making use of all kinds of music.


War Horse? the soundtrack is by John Williams:)

Something melancholic, sad, along the lines of classical I suppose?

I don’t like sci-fi really, few exceptions.

Crash is also really awesome!

Perhaps a couple of Italian classics: Il Postino, and Cinema Paradiso have beautiful scores. If you don’t watch the movies, (either because of difficulty to find, or if you don’t like subtitles), I would recommend that you at least hear the main theme scores - they’re beautiful and a bit sad.

Ennio Morricone is another fabulous composer. Have you ever seen the movie “The Mission”?

Medicine Man (w/Sean Connery) soundtrack is very nice as well, though it is not melancholy. The movie holds no objectionable (to my memory) material, though.

You want melancholy? Try…

The Color Purple!

Oh, goodness me, whenever I wanted a good cry in college, I would watch that movie. And the music!

And if you’re looking for downright depressive, try Schindler’s List. Gorgeous soundtrack, must-see movie, never want to see or hear it again, thank you very much.

And although I didn’t care much for the movie, I loved the soundtrack for Sleepless in Seattle. Lovely compliation of tunes :smiley: I figure after Schindler’s List you might need something simple and mind-numbing – but with good tunes!


Thank you everyone! Two, my accent is rather thick! Three

I liked the soundtrack in the movie about Mother Teresa too, that was great!

AND, the King’s Speech, another excellent one.

I’ll try The Colour Purple and Schindler’s List, and the two other classics suggested!

The “BladeRunner” soundtrack is hauntingly melancholy. It will be perfect for you, believe me.

Well, I do like the soundtrack from the Pixar movie “Up” :rolleyes: Or maybe it’s because I watched it so many times. And it’s Disney, so it’s pretty safe! :smiley:

I find John Williams to be an excellent composer and many of his soundtracks/compositions complement the cinematography and story well (e.g. the recent Tintin movie).

Other movies: Lawrence of Arabia, Magnificent Seven, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In my opinion, the best film score of all time was THE BIG COUNTRY, from 1958. Truly inspiring music, and a pretty decent movie.

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