Filmmakers Expose Televangelist Scam

NEW YORK—Five years ago, filmmakers David Turner and Lara Zizic embarked on a lengthy journey of what turned out to be one of the most unbelievable televangelist scam stories in the history of religious fraud.

It started when Turner was in Holland working on a fiction feature. One day he read a news piece by Bill Sizemore, a journalist at The Virginian-Pilot, about televangelist Pat Robertson. The article accused Robertson of running a huge gold and diamond mining operation under the cover of his charity.

I thought people knew all this for years already.

I missed this five years ago…

Much as I am not a fan of Robertson… Is it possible a well intentioned effort on his part got taken advantage of by corrupt people he was working with ?

I just dont think Robertson is skilled enough to have come up with this… and probably not greedy enough either, despite his faults.

Its nice to assume the best of a person, but I know he has been confronted on this issue directly in the past and instead of saying he was taken advantage of or even that he slipped up, he has instead chosen to deny that any of it even happened, which is not the response of an innocent man.

Just curious. If I asked you about your having sexual acts with your neighbors dog and you denied it ever happening, would that mean that it did?

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