Films about Our Lord's life

Does anyone have preferences for DVD / movies depicting the life of our Lord that could be used in new members’ groups or for other purposes?

I remeber Jesus of Nazareth a long time ago.

This film Son Of Man has also had acclaim

Any ideas?

My favorite is Jesus of Nazareth. I have watched it many times, and have invited friends over to watch it.

It is quite long, and so we watched it once a week, for three weeks.

“Quite long” is an understatement. Originally released as a TV miniseries, the total running time was 382 minutes, or over six hours. Even the shortened version for theatrical release was still very long, about four hours, I think, though there may have been several different cut versions at different lengths.

In any case, I don’t think there can be any doubt that this is by far the best “Life of Christ” movie ever made.

The latest one, Son of God, was very good. It is the one the captures the sections on Jesus from The Bible miniseries on History Channel two years ago. I think that it is a very tasteful representation of the Life of Christ Jesus, and it stresses His divinity by drawing primarily from the angelic Gospel according to Saint John.

May God bess you all abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: I loved The Bible miniseries.

But now I’m going to have to find Jesus of Nazareth. :bounce:

Thanks Dorothy; I found it last night & put it on my wish list! :smiley:

What about The Passion of the Christ? I’ve never seen it because the descriptions of the intense violence scares me. But if folks here believe it’s definitely worth it, I’ll try to “suck it up.” :o

I have “The Passion of the Christ” also and watch it once a year. For me it is a meditation to watch it. This one has been watched by friends and family as well. You can look away from parts of it that may be too painful and realistic to view. Most of us are not fully aware of all our Lord went through. All the actors and actresses were carefully chosen and did an excellent job.

In terms of Our Lord’s life…Jesus of Nazareth is IMO the best…

I actually like the fact that’s it’s a long movie.

Robert Powell does a great job playing our Lord.

I think the Pope at the time was being broadcasted as a mini-series recommended everyone to watch it.

In terms of Our Lord’s passion, there can only be one movie for me The Passion of The Christ.

I also liked the New Testament portion of The Bible mini-series. I bought the whole series for 18 dollars (DVD) at Amazon. The NT portion is 5 - 45 min episodes long. I also like the ‘Mary of Nazareth’ DVD that was released in the U.S. by Ignatius Press. It depicts Jesus’ life and ministry as seen from the perspective of his mother. It is beautifully filmed and so shows the love of Mary for her son and Jesus’ love for his mother! :thumbsup:

I also have the DVD “Mary of Nazareth” and like it very much! The actress that played our Blessed Mother was great in the part. I also liked hearing the interview of how she was chosen; it was included. I loaned it out and so can’t go look at it…I think there were two DVD’s in the set.

That movie is another work of art. All such dramas have their limits, but they do help our understanding a lot.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” is a good one.

Godric, you say you’re looking for movies to show to new members’ groups. I imagine you want something, then, that has striking content, with plenty of things in it that people are going to ask questions about and which will also stimulate them to express their own opinions and contribute to a discussion. Have you thought of using Jesus Christ Superstar?

Jesus of Nazareth is a wonderful film.

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