Films with a Pro-Catholic Message

Here is a pretty good list of great Catholic movies…

I admit I haven’t seen the original film version just the TV-movie but the play A Raisin in the Sun has a character contemplating an abortion who has a lot of financial difficulties and another character challanges her mother’s belief in God. Unfortunately in the made-for-TV movie they eliminated a lot of this incredible scene where the character of Asagi asks 'why do you suffering ones think only you hold the truth?" I actually got accepted into a college based on an essay I wrote on that scene but I want to rest of you to be surprised so I won’t go into anymore details. The movie isn’t explicitly Catholic (most likely the characters are Protestant) but like the movie Bella it is an uplifting film Jesus Himself would be comfortable watching which teaches Judeo-Christian values.

Here’s a link you may find helpful.

Top 100 Pro-Catholic Movies

I’ve not seen 3 Godfathers, but there is an anime remake of it I have watched (called Tokyo Godfathers) and it is a fantastic movie. (Even if it is animated) It surprised me at how Pro Catholic it was, too.

That’s good news - I love unexpected pro-Catholic movies! I haven’t seen the majority of the movies on that list, but I am going to work my way through them now that I have Netflix.

I’ve also seen many of the movies on the list as well. It’s really hard for me to select a real favorite because they’re all special in their own way. One of the movies I’d highly suggest, if you haven’t already seen it, is Marty. It’s one of those “sleeper films” that grows on you. From what my Mom tells me, it was the movie she and my Dad went to on their first date. So now it has a special meaning for me in particular. :thumbsup:

This is such a fun challenge! Will your students be adults? fifth graders? (It makes an awfully big difference).

Depending on the age of the students, I would sugguest the movie “Black Robe”. Brutal, but good.

I always hear about Babbette’s feast but i think it is hard to come by. Al Kresta on avemaria radio always talks about how Eucharisitc it is. I love “The Mission” though the Bishop is weak and it puts the Church in a bad light the Powerful image of Jesus in the Monstrance being protected by the priest always brings me to tears no matter how many times I see it. I do get angry at the weak Bishop,though. Jeremy Irons and Rober Diniro(sp?) are the main characters and Diniro struggles with conversion and the Gospel message when it comes to rebellion—lots content for discussion. Good Luck;)

I noticed unde religion you post LDS. How will you understand and interpret the films if you are not Catholic???Please come to the forum for help. a lot of Catholicism needs explanation. If i misunderstood your affiliation i apologize:o

Au Revoir Les Enfants

My favorite Hollywood movie is Brother Sun, Sister Moon. It is the story of St. Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare.:thumbsup:

I rarely go to movie theaters. Most movies are vile and even if there is a good one, the previews that are shown are often full of evil images; not good.

Be careful with what you allow your eyes.:rolleyes:


Boys Town, starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

The Cardinal, an Otto Preminger film, starring Tom Tryon.

I just checked the link for 100 top Catholic movies.
It looks like “The Cardinal” didn’t even make the top 100.

I suspect that is because people don’t know about the movie.
It is fiction, but it tells the (supposed) life story of a young man who becomes a priest. He is first of all a priest in a small village in Maine. He is in Austria when the Nazis take over. He goes to Georgia and sticks up for a black priest who is being persecuted, and as a consequence he is taken for a night ride and flogged by the Klan.

At the end of the movie he is a Cardinal. It is all done very reverently.

I believe the film you are referring to is “Saint Ralph”.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll put that one on my Netflix list. :slight_smile:

Hi Irish Becca :wave: I’m glad to make the suggestion. It is a good movie. I’m sure you’ll like it. :thumbsup:

[LEFT]Another movie I’d suggest is The Cattered Affair with Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine. Bette Davis goes the “kitchen sink drama” route in The Catered Affair. As the frowsy wife of Bronx cabdriver Ernest Borgnine, Davis insists that her daughter Debbie Reynolds have a high-class wedding–caterers and all. Reynolds and future hubby Rod Taylor want a simple ceremony, but Davis’ mind is made up. The wedding snowballs into an unwieldy affair as Davis and Borgnine find that they must invite everyone they know or risk incurring the wrath of their neighborhood. When the cost of the affair exceeds the family’s bank account, Davis rails at Borgnine for failing to be a good provider. It takes her till the very end of the film to realize what a fool she’s been.[/LEFT]

Yes, that’s the one!!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ooh, that on sounds good, too! I’ll have to watch it as well! :slight_smile:

Two recent films I have enjoyed are Just the Ticket, with Andy Garcia and Andie MacDowell, where Garcia is a professional ticket scalper who actually goes to confession every week. John Paul II is a character in the movie as well, in a very inspiring role.

The other movie is Under the Tuscan Sun, in which Diane Lane actually develops a small devotion the The Blessed Mother. And some beautiful Tuscan scenery to boot.

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