Final Battle in the Anglican Communion?

The final battle will soon commence-7 Bishops refused to attend a joint communion service with the other members of the Anglican communion -our new Archbishop of Canterbury is in a pickle-He is going to Georgetown for two months this summer to study Dostovesky -not sure that will help

*It is a “sad day for the Anglican Communion and a new low for the beleaguered Archbishop of Canterbury. The once proud-of-its-diversity Anglican Communion has allowed itself to be blackmailed into bigotry by those unwilling to accept into their midst a duly elected brother bishop solely because of his sexual orientation.” The Rev. Susan Russell, President of Integrity, USA, writes in On Faith, religious conversations in the Washington Post.

"The Archbishop had an explanation for his decision not to include Bishop Robinson: “I have to reserve the right to withhold or withdraw invitations from bishops whose appointment, actions or manner of life have caused exceptionally serious division or scandal within the Communion.”

What he doesn’t have is an explanation for the stunning hypocrisy of excluding the Bishop of New Hampshire because he is gay while including the Archbishop of Nigeria who supports legislation criminalizing gay and lesbian people so draconian that it has been condemned by the international Human Rights Watch."*:blush:

I had posted a reply thinking I knew what was being discussed. I might not.

When was this action taken?


Published in the Episcopal Cafe -today the 26th

the point is it is surprising that he took a stand-not inviting Bishop Robinson -then is criticized likely by the very Liberal Wing and is placed with the Anglican Bishops of Uganda and their anti Gay viewpoints

I would be thrilled if he stood his ground -not necessarily agreeing with his viewpoint but at least he did not try to stand in neutral ground-

I wonder how his visit with the Jesuits will go-apparently he has been there for 2 other sabbaticals

I really did not think that this would engender much discussion but if he follows this tact the ECUSA is not likely to last long in the Anglican Communion-if we are severed I will leave ECUSA

The problem I have is that googliing what appears to be the* Cantaur* quote takes me to a number of sites, all saying it was ++Williams, and dated in 2007.

Can you give a link to the specific Episcopal Cafe article? Googling the apparent WP quote takes me to the Cafe, but it is also 2007.

Unless I’m doing something really odd.


The Archbishop of Canterbury is neither cold nor hot. Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? He’s playing both sides. Our Father is Not Amused.


Perhaps. But that is not the question here. It is more which Cantaur is being discussed.


Would you mind explaining that to me then, so that I may take better part of this discussion?

All I see is Half Man, Half Horses… :shrug:


,Witty, although spoilt by it needing to be ‘centaur’ not ‘cantaur’ for that to work completely.

GKC, I think Sean si making a pun on your use of ‘cantaur’, You meant ‘Cantuar’, I’m sure.

I think you’re right. 2007 and ++Rowan

I did, indeed.

I blame age for the typo. That, and failure to proof myself, late night vapors, and evil spirits.

Don’t tell my daughter, the erstwhile Latin magistra.


Oh man, I thought you were going to announce the next Narnia movie.

But anyhow, I’ve often noticed that, in many discussions, the two extremes benefit from each other – I could cite examples from Catholic-protestant discussions on CAF, but I won’t. In this case it appears that the extreme liberals can gain a lot of points by pointing to Archbishop of Nigeria, and presumably the extreme conservatives can gain just as many points by pointing to the extreme liberals.

I vote for pointing at TEC.


The TEC has some difficult issues to deal with. This is in the news in our neck of the woods:

Diocese of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, AR

I pray that all involved may be given grace to be charitable through this.

TEC is a difficult issue to deal with.


Anglicans are generally considered thoughtful and devote. T. S. Eliot, Benjamin Britten come to mind. What Anglicans are working out is what Francis calls anthropological and ethical issues. Western nations [Europe, America] view sexuality in ways quite alien and threatening to some people.

Anglicans are considered a number of things, by a number of people. Including Anglicans. Depends on which ones you are pointing at.

Your last sentence begs for an obvious comment, which I will not make.


I can’t find this anywhere, are we sure this is valid? I would have to think about leaving the TEC should we no longer be in direct communion with Canterbury. That would be very sad for me but that’s where I draw the line.

That was 7 years ago. TEC is still in the Communion. But the nature of the Communion is possibly going to change, in some fashion. The Global South Primates held a meeting, with Cantuar, about 2 weeks ago, and have issued an ultimatum. They are not happy with TEC, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the CoE. Just how that will play out is unknown, but something is scheduled to happen in 2015.

I have no crystal ball. Never have had.


In my country, NZ, the Anglican church has lost 18% of its affiliation in the last 5 years. Which means for the first time in colonial history, it is no longer the largest Church. That place now goes to the Catholic Church.

Which makes me wonder where and what is that self-destruct button?:shrug:

TEC figures are hard to come by, and are counted in various ways. But a 20% decline over the past 10+ years seems about right.

No increase, for sure.


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