Final Blessing in Latin

I have been watching the Daily Mass from the Basilica of St. Ann in Scranton lately and I nocticed that a certain celebrant has been giving the final blessing in Latin. I really view this as something good and I am happy that priest is doing this. Has anyone who watches the daily Mass out there noticed this?

Second, has anyone noticed their priest inserting even a small bit of Latin in their Masses since the Motu Proprio?

At my parish in Denton, Maryland we sometimes say or sing the Kyrie (well, that’s Greek) and the Agnus Dei in Latin. At first alternating with English so people would understand it.

EWTN uses latin only from the doxology through to the prayer after communion, they also introduce and close the gospel in Latin and give the last blessing and dissmissal in latin.

Our parish says the Sanctus, the Credo and the Pater Noster in Latin every other Sunday.

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