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First, thank you for reading. My son is almost done with Honors Geometry and still has a 95+ average. I just feel bad for him because he really had no summer break.

His former high school still continues to lose enrollment due to lack of discipline and poor education. I am not sure of the fate of the teacher that screamed at him, except we found out he was reported for throwing a desk towards a student to make a point (not in my son’s class). The public school just down the road is an excellent school. They have the funds to have the teachers tutor kids. Most teachers at my son’s former high school left right after the kids, and the Honor Society students would do the tutoring.

The teachers did not get their contract at the end of the school year, so there is still negotiations ongoing.

My son made 4 really good friends. One was a girl that found an Instagram account trashing him, and she had the account closed down (my son does not have any social media accounts). She was a mutual friend of one of my son’s friends, and they also became friends. She was really “in the loop” with social media because she was bullied in public school. So, he really had people on the lookout for him. It’s heartbreaking to me that he feels he is destined to be isolated and bullied so long as he is in school. The one short trip we made by airplane had him mortified because the one obsessed girl told everyone he was a member of ISIS and a sexual predator. And we live in PA, so you can only imagine the stress it caused him. He thought he was on an FBI watch list.

So, we are seeking a Catholic therapist (the first one we tried specialized in pornography recovery) and was a poor fit. Slowly he’s getting his self confidence back, but we learned that he lost some of his trumpet skills because the band leader (she’s really the drama teacher and has no experience in conducting a band) gave him simple parts below his level. She has a pretty big reputation for playing favorites. DS was not one of her favorites.

So, we convinced our son to keep playing trumpet. He’s been accepted into the gifted scholars program for nuclear physics, and the teachers are so eager to help! It’s been a rough summer, but he’s managed to stay positive. He’s done a ton of altar serving, and he’ll participate in the youth group once it starts up. Overall, he’s so much happier. I no longer worry about his grades, as he’s back to wowing his teacher this summer.

God bless.


Glad things seem to be going better.


First, congratulations to your son! He is obviously working above his grade level.

I’m glad that he’s made friends. Ones that don’t believe the bullies. The one girl you described, sounds mentally ill!
I hope he does well in the school you’ve chosen for him. Best to him…and, to you!


thanks for the update, I am glad things are starting to look up for him. bullying is a real killer, I have some experience with it as well.

I am especially glad he is still active in church, for many kids, that’s one of the first tings to go, please try to help him stay strong in his faith, that will be his rock to get him through all seasons of life.

I will pray foryour family


Thanks for the kind thoughts. There were actually 2 girls who were getting others girls and guys to gang up on my son just so he’d stay after school and “get naughty” with them. The one girl isn’t even allowed to date.

His faith was getting rocked, which is why we pulled him. With the help of 6 really good friends, he has started to regain his confidence. He is going into his geometry final with a 98 average.

We do fear the one girl is mentally ill. She is still working on my son’s friends to convince him to date her (he would never date her after the treatment she gave him). He is still discerning the priesthood—the Pauline Fathers. The current scandal has saddened all of us, but the fine priests of Czestochowa Shrine have kept us grounded. And he still feels most peaceful when he is serving Mass.

Perhaps this move was meant to be because the teacher negotiations are not going well.

God bless.


I want to give your son a hug, darn it! For some reason, a lot of the physics guys get picked on, including my own older brother, and a very brilliant young man at my church.

If you want to give your kid some morale-boosting literature, I know an extremely nerdy, extremely Catholic author: Peter J. Floriani. He has a handbook on logic, a book on Catholic priests who were also scientists (Chasubles and Lab Coats), a book of Rosary meditations using the format of lab reports, and a series of 13 YA adventure novels about smart Catholic guys pursuing chivalry in the modern age. Unfortunately most of his stuff is not available on anything but paper or anywhere but Amazon, but check him out!

(The reason I mention it is that the YA series delves fictionally into why a Catholic goes to college – that we should be seeking wisdom and growth in God, as well as job skills and knowledge.)


God bless you. My son said he wants to prove to the world that you can be an orthodox Catholic and science scholar. Well, he managed to take his Honors Geometry course and finish with an A. We’re so proud of him!


There’s a web site called Coursera that offers free and paid online short courses. There’s one on there called Science & Religion. It’s taught by the Science & Religion professor at St. Joseph’s College which is a Catholic college at the University of Alberta. Your son might like to consider taking or auditing the course. (You sign up for a “session” but you’re not obligated to complete all of the activities. IIRC this course only has quizzes, no papers, and you don’t have to pay for it.)


Thank you! It sounds like something he’d love!


Your son might also like It’s put together by Father Spitzer who has a weekly program on EWTN called Father Spitzers Universe where faith and science intersect. He might like that too.


Thanks for the all the great ideas because he is a prodigy of sorts in physics (much like my DH was in math). And it’s funny how many people thought DH was an atheist when I married him (people who knew I was Catholic). DS wants to change that.


Not to mention by Fr. Spitzer too.


I read all your threads and am struck what love you have for your son. I will pray that things continue to get better for him and that some of the resources given here will be helpful to him.

I will pray for your son and your family.

God bless you

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