Final Day of 2020 Republican National Convention (August 27): uninterrupted speeches on C-SPAN television

Did the networks have the Republican convention on??

I thought they had their commentary with a little Republican Convention sprinkled in for good measure.


That’s it exactly. Many networks just never showed it.


Horton . . . .

That’s it exactly. Many networks just never showed it.

Yeah. That is what my friend told me too. . . .

I talked to a guy last night who does not have cable TV.

He does have an antenna and thus network TV.

He said last week when he wanted to watch TV, the Democrat convention was televised on almost all the channels he could get.

He said this week he WANTED to watch the Republican convention and among the stations he gets, NOBODY was even airing it!

I’s pretty easy to manipulate the ratings when in many cases, you are not airing the Republican Convention.

The lower ratings thing is just more leftist manipulation by the national media.

Leftist ideas cannot win an election.

This kind of manipulation is what they MUST do to fool people and try to win.


Again, missing in both convention’s ratings are the folks watching via streaming platforms, of which there are millions. Nielsen is not an indicator of much these days. But bragging rights for RidgeSprinter. Hopefully it is a balm when Biden loses the actual election.


One thing that struck me was the stark contrast between the 2 conventions regarding law and order:


“Following Floyd’s death, protests took place in at least 450 cities. As NBC News fact checked Wednesday night, those include large demonstrations in Miami, whose mayor is a registered Republican, and smaller ones in smaller cities and towns in regions supportive of Trump.

Furthermore, the protests in recent months have been largely peaceful. Violent incidents did occur, but many were initiated by outside groups with political agendas.

According to multiple reports, including a Washington Post fact check, there were no signs that that antifa was behind violence at these protests. As of earlier this month, federal prosecutors had not been able to link dozens of people arrested in protests in Portland, Ore., to antifa.

In fact, in at least one instance where a police officer was killed during a protest, the suspect was actually aligned with a far-right extremist group. In Oakland, Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo — a member of the “boogaloo,” an online extremist group with violent views — is accused of killing a federal officer. Authorities have said he was using nearby peaceful protests as cover.

And during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, two people were killed and another was injured when someone opened fire.

Limited by space. Ref: nbcnews

What do all these cities with the most riot damage have in common? Democratic Mayors, state Democratic Governors (except for non-state D.C.), and mostly Democratic District Attorneys, state Attorneys General, and Democratic Party controlled City Councils:

More than 400 businesses have been damaged with owners and insurance experts estimating rebuilding costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.
The city of Minneapolis has tallied at least $55 million in property damage and looting.
The city could also be on the hook for millions more if they lose the lawsuits filed against them.

Last month, Portland Police Deputy Chief Chris Davis blamed much of the violence on “agitator corps” hellbent on creating havoc and said “at least” 33 officers had been hurt. Many of the injuries came from items being thrown at them, including rocks, glass bottles, frozen water bottles, bricks and steel pellets from slingshots. On Aug. 8, an Oregon State Police trooper was struck by a large rock and suffered a head injury.
The police department’s $23 million figure on cost, which was last updated in early July and has likely gone up, includes $300,000 damage to public buildings, and $4.8 million in property damages to businesses.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported the Floyd protests caused more than $20 million in property damage.
So far, 31 law enforcement officials have been injured – 13 this week and 18 others in July

New York City:
Not only have more than 300 officers been injured, but the demonstrations have also cost the city $115 million
The nearly $1 million tab taxpayers will have to pick up for the vehicles is just a drop in the bucket.

In the nation’s capital, costs from the protests have risen past $14.5 million.
The DCPD said there were 32 injury reports filed between June 30, 2020, and Aug. 4, 2020, which will likely bump up the financial damage related to the protests.

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