Final post and apology to all


It’s been brought to my attention that a certain level of catholic education and critical reasoning are required to post here. I in no way meant to inconvenience anyone here with questions I was merely trying to return to the church. After a few messages which people explained I shouldn’t be seeking answers here I’ll be taking my leave. Thank you to those who took the time to try to help me and for the ones who commented otherwise I appreciate you helping me confirm that it’s pointless for me to even try. I would say it’s very disappointing because I thought part of faith was helping others but you select users have made me realize it’s not the case. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and again thank you to those who helped me immensely it looks like I’ll just be stuck until I guess I find rcia or something.


I don’t know who lead you to believe that, but it’s simply not true. I really hope that you stay- your contribution to this community is visible, and will be missed.


I appreciate you more than you know! I hope you continue to be awesome and help people. You always were there for me thank you.


Yeah, no, pretty sure those posters are incorrect.

There is no mandatory level of catholic education required to post here.

But, if you are an adult finding his way to the Church, I do reccomend finding an RCIA class so that you may know more of the Faith and receive the Sacraments.


Hey you’ve been super helpful as well I’ll miss you tremendously! I had it when I was younger since I did make it all the way through confirmation it didn’t seem the best path. You are an amazing person please don’t change!


That you named yourself “struggling” tells many here that you know more about the spiritual life and the Catholic faith than most Catholics do. Struggle well and cheerfully: God is your and my loving Father God.


Thank you for the kind words sorry if I have personally bothered you at all!


If you’ve been helped by my posts, then thanks be to God.

If you think I’m amazing, you can’t even fathom how great is the One who gives me any bit of goodness!

If you still have questions, no need to be shy over here!


Thanks you really have helped I don’t know what stage of belief I’m in but definitely I understand more now. I really hate to inconvenience and both people so that’s why I’m leaving I never meant to detract from a good community.


I don’t know who gave you those messages, but, assuming we have the full story, those messages were inappropriate. Users don’t need a specific level of intelligence/education to post here. Although I will be honest and say that I was frustrated with your posts in the past a little bit because I thought you were ignoring my advice, I came to remember my own struggles with faith and that helped me see your side. That frustration was my issue, not yours. Maybe you should flag the messages that caused this, and stay. You have great questions. You’re not at all an inconvenience.


I think the point of the forum is to help others in the Faith, whether that is to come to know it more intellectually, spiritually, etc. Your question were totally appropriate as far as I could tell


I feel tremendously guilty and bad about whatever I did wrong I swear I am not trying to do that.


The name of this community is Catholic Answers Forum. I took it to mean that people can come here to look for answers. I did not know it was only for those who had all the answers. :thinking:

Perhaps you can contact those you feel comfortable with by personal mail.


Oh struggling
You shouldn’t leave. We would be a terrible Christian group for you to leave.
My comments were you were going too fast. We miss the message and the love of God by going to fast.
Please stay. Your question brought up topics that I enjoyed.
In Christ’s Love


Apologetics is for asking questions. Look up an apologist and ask him questions.
Do not feel guilty.
Heck, atheists and Muslims and Protestants have been on this site.
Don’t feel bad.
God loves you and we love you.
Deep breath.
In Christ’s Love


There’s no need to feel guilty about what is not wrong.


:frowning: Sorry to see you go! You should ignore the people who messaged you and continue seeking truth


We are all struggling. That’s why we come here. I’m a cradle to grave, womb to tomb Catholic and I learn something new from being here every day. The Catholic Faith is so BEAUTIFUL. It’s worth struggling to learn about and live each and every day. I’ve gotten chastised but I’ve also gotten blessed by many here. God loves us all and we love when someone comes here asking about the Catholic Faith/Church we love. Your presence here has been a blessing. Praying for you and asking God to grant you every possible blessing and grace today and always.

"It’s been brought to my attention that a certain level of catholic education and critical reasoning are required to post here. "

If that’s the case I shouldn’t be here either because my level of Catholic education & critical reasoning can be very limited. My Pastor would agree :)!


For shame on whoever did that.

The only thing I would recommend for someone here, especially who is new to the faith, is humility, which shouldn’t be an issue as it is one of defining characteristics of a Christian (Philippians 2).


Hey I know none of this! I hope all is going well for you and life continues to improve!

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