Final post and apology to all


Thank you. You also have been instrumental in helping me.


Will you stay? Please?


Honestly I don’t know how to answer I want to believe me but I’m not going to lie I’m not in a good state of mind right now I shouldn’t have made such an emotional post I just was thrown out of whack and didn’t understand what I did wrong.


LOL! I love it. Your honesty is so refreshing. For what it’s worth, we all make mistakes. It is one way God teaches us mortals the humility that was in Jesus. :grinning:


You didn’t make a mistake. We did. We would like you to include going to an RCIA program. Non Catholics join after Easter. It’s a course on Christianity and Catholicism. I went once and may go back. Just for fine tuning beliefs.
A face to face teacher is good. In RCIA you get a mentor. You’ll love it. Stay here so you can share what you are learning
In Christ’s Love


Lol if he exists he’s probably looking down and me with extreme frustration hahha. This obstinate arrogant human! :sob:


I tell you I LOVE my Catholic Faith/Church so much I would give my life for her (Mother Church). I truly enjoy helping (If I can) anybody who wants to learn about Our Church/Faith. It’s God’s will for us to share it and bring it to all who ask.

I’m glad I have helped you in any way I could. I would hope to continue helping you in any way I could. ALL of us here would like to help you understand more in your search of the Catholic Faith. PLEASE just take a breather, pray about it, ask the Holy Spirit where He wants you to go and what He wants you to do and just be open to where God is leading you. YOU WILL BE AMAZED when you ask, lay everything down in front of God, GIVE it ALL to Him without strings attached what He will do in your life. When you let God be the pilot He brings you to places you NEVER thought you’d ever go. HE LOVES YOU! He wants the absolute best for you. You came here believe it or not because God led you here. He knows what you need and He puts those in your path that will help you. You just have to let go and let Him do the steering.

Hope after reflecting and praying you’ll stay and continue to get closer and closer and closer to Our Lord until you put your head on His shoulder and KNOW that it is the place you were meant to be.

GOD BLESS YOU! Hope to see you here for a long long time. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, All Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect you, bless you and intercede for your needs.


I’ll pray about it and try to take a breather.


If He is (WHICH HE ISN’T) you’re in good company. I laugh and tell people when God thinks of me He must just shake His head and say to Himself “She ain’t right” and chuckle. Jesus isn’t like that. He’s the Father who is so sad and hurt when His children stray. He’s the Father who just wants to see His children happy and believe it or not the “rules, regulations and specifics” of our Catholic Faith are what we need to be happy in our lives. GOD LOVES US. We stray from Him, He NEVER strays from us.


And yet again I get a negative comment from someone what kind of spite does someone need to be filled with. Am I not phrasing questions with relevant information? Form your perspective what do I need to do different?


You know a person that has those kind of issues has to be an unhappy person indeed. I say pray for them and continue to come here, ask, share and learn. God Bless.


Can I block a specific user from being able to comment or see their replies?


You should keep your account in case you want to come back. It’s been great having you here. The Old Colonel offers you his blessing!


Don’t leave!

You are the exact type of person who this forum should be the MOST helpful for.

Don’t let unChristian sentiment of some people here or in the Church drive you away - sin and evil exists everywhere!


I am not sure who brought this to your attention, but I do not think this is the case. It is a Catholic forum, so you should expect that, when you post non-Catholic ideas there will likely be responses to that. I do agree that critical reasoning is helpful no matter what kind of a dialogue a person may have with anyone.

This forum is here for just this purpose, among others, so it is not an inconvenience. We welcome you to return!

No one is ever “stuck” when it comes to learning about their faith, unless one CHOOSES to be stuck.


I’m not trying to approach this close minded I have said time and time again I am atheistic or agnostic and I want to believe. Yes I’m skeptical a lot but I am not trying to challenge anyone’s faith or reasoning I promise you I’m am legitimately trying to understand.


Yes I got a little emotional but if someone told you to basically screw off for having questions would you not also feel emotional?


How am I expected to not make errors if I don’t know any better. Again I am literally trying to learn through here and was simply asking for help understanding! Yes most atheists are close minded but I am trying my absolute hardest.


I’m sorry for whatever I have done to you personally or any area I came off as anything but trying to understand.


What makes you think you did anything wrong? If you did, you are likely to get a very direct message about it here!

A good rule of thumb in life is not to make any major decisions when you are in an emotional state. Emotions will always change and you will feel differently later, then may regret what you chose to do!

It is also not a good idea to assume you did something wrong, just because someone is blaming your for something.

I am not sure what you define as a “negative comment” but you are right that it has more to say about the one making it than it does you!

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