Final post and apology to all


Praying you will stay.


Absolutely I would! But that does not mean you should leave us.

You have not done anything to me personally at all. And I don’t think you have “come off as anything” either.


Struggling, is someone sending you these messages via Private message on CAF?


It seems like you are reacting to this post:

Where someone responded to you telling you that he expected that you would have more Catholic Education and critical thinking. You need to be aware that this is one member of the community here, just like you are, and his opinion is not that of the entire forum.

Not only that, but one person expecting you to have something you do not have does not mean you are not welcome, does not mean you did anything wrong, and does not mean you need whatever was wanted to belong here. Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of others, and it does not mean you did anything wrong.


That was one of a few that user had another post earlier basically chastising me for asking questions. Again I’m probably being overly emotional but I’m just trying to figure this all out and it’s really discouraging when you see things like that.


No these are public comments there’s been a few from a few different users. I’m just over emotional I guess sorry.


How will you learn if you don’t ask? If you want to learn more maybe get books like these and see if it helps you to get a start on understanding some things about the Catholic Faith:




Oh Zac, every Easter I start telling Him, the Father, how He shouldn’t have made Jesus go through that suffering and death. In the OT,
God is upset w those who bring imperfect offerings to the Temple. A blind goat… a lame sheep…HE SAYS,”YOUR TRADITIONS AND HOLOCOSTS ARE AN ABOMINATION UNTO ME! WHAT I WANT IS THE CIRCUMCISION IF YOUR HEART.”
He means He wants all of our devotion and love.
I have problem for the need for blood sacrifice in OT and Jesus’s blood sacrifice. I KNOW GOD IS REAL! I had to ask my questions, too.
The OT, God the Father scares me. Galatians 5 States the gifts of the spirit. The last one is: FEAR OF THE LORD! After getting into OT, yes, I’ll fear Him. There are great things in OT, also.
I use to take Fear of the Lord as RESPECT FOR THE LORD. ABBA=DAD loves us very much.
It goes like this, Zac- look at the hate and chaos in the world. We are all sinners saved by God’s grace. Means we, the church ppl, are not Jesus but are trying to be. When USA was in church more w prayer in schools, life was so much better. Allowing God to work in us, gave us a standard to live by. IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. We had compassion. We were more active in communities. Post WW II,
Soldiers came back, got jobs. Rosie the Riveteer
Went home and took care of husband and family. She didn’t have to work. There was order in life.
Then, the devil battled prayer in school. The Supreme Court said PORNOGRAPHY was included in free speech. THAT DID A LOT OF GOOD!! Sarcasm here. It was down hill after that.
The goal is not to love God and get to heaven, now. The goal is: How great of a sexual performance can I get! GROAN!
You are a treasure! You are unique! You are loved by God and His children. You were born w a purpose. Jeremiah 29/11. I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU ZAC! IT IS A GOOD PLAN W/O EVIL. IT HAS A FUTURE AND A PURPOSE.
Why were you born? What is your job, here on the earth? Read the THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.
Jesus lived! He is written about in Romanand Hebrew literature. He was defined as a rebel and rioter. They didn’t have TV. Writings were all that existed and Word of Mouth. Should you believe the writings of the gospels? WHY NOT! He did perform Miracles. He did Rise from the dead.
Think like this! If He wanted to fool us and start a fake movement, WHAT DID HE GAIN. Con men want money and valuables. What did Jesus get?
So, his followers, What did they gain? Money? Property? They got tortured and killed! If it was a joke, NONE OF THEM WERE LAUGHING!
The first church was built on the BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS. The Greeks were studious ppl. Aristotle and PLATO met daily, to discuss esoteric thoughts. Life after death, etc. Jesus and His followers reported a life after death. WOW! That exciting thought and the Holy Spirit, carried the first church through three centuries of torture and persecution. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY! Being crucified and set on fire to light up Rome! Yet, they did not deny Christ.
Google uncorrupted Saints of Catholic Church. I think 246 bodies that did not rot in the grave. Now, one monk sitting like Buddha doesn’t look so good. Google St. Bernadette and SHE IS Beautiful. Research the Stigmatas.


Hey Struggling, just look at all those responding to you here. Don’t let a few bad apples persuade you to leave CAF. A certain level of catholic education and critical reasoning required you say? Are you kidding me? Just have a look at my posting history, and that should put that theory to rest…permanently!!! :slightly_smiling_face: Hang in there brother!


Thank you.


I don’t know what you’ve been told, but there is no minimum threshold of knowledge in Catholicism to post here. However, having it would be helpful to help you discern whether someone’s advice to you sounds like orthodox Catholicism or not. A lot of people come here to push agendas and to troll. It used to be better when there was an Ask an Apologist section and you can be sure that the answer you’ve received was legit.

Maybe try asking for some book recommendations from other posters here on Catholicism.


I’m sorry for anyone I’ve wronged or made upset or felt I was arguing with. You guys are amazing and I really really want to be here I just to my core do not want to be that atheist or agnostic who people feel is challenging them I’m just trying to understand.


I will because of people like you! I’ll try not to post again though is it ok if I pm you?


For one i enjoy your posts struggling1 and didn’t like seeing you offended. I would hate to see you leave. You’re an extremely good poster and person


Maybe we could restore just a little balance back to the force…

I apologised, there is no lack of good will here. If the poster could identify himself as an atheist when posting in a Catholic apologetics forum that would seem helpful both to himself and others.

It does not seem helpful a few hours later to start a somewhat dramatic thread looking for emotional support based on an inaccurate misrepresentation of the good will confusion that transpired by stating:

a certain level of catholic education and critical reasoning are required to post here.

I suggested if you could first identify yourself when posting as an atheist (with little expected Catholic education) then there wouldn’t be this confusion.

This sort of drama does seems somewhat OTT.
Perhaps consider counselling, you seem a little over sensitive at the moment.


I promise you have done nothing wrong.

I can’t prove that empirically, so you’ll just have to have faith. :wink:


Don’t know how you came to such conclusions but whoever informed you that the road to God is personal knowledge and wisdom or intellectual knowledge and elitism was wrong.

Consider that Jesus did not seek out the Masters of the Law or the scholars of His times when He chose (elected) the Twelve; actually, most were laborers, at least one was an opportunist, and none held a single PhD or Master on anything–specially not theology!

I hope you stick it out.

Continue to post your questions (though I do hope that you are seeking the Truth (Jesus) and not just to be seen as wise among men.

If you want my contribution just reply directly to this post to let me know that you’ve posted new queries.

Maran atha!



I’m not looking for emotional support. I am actively weighing whether or not it makes sense for me to even be here. No foul I didn’t call you out directly I didn’t even link anything if you look. Someone else quoted you not me. I did not intend to drag you through the mud. There are people following my posts and all I was doing is getting their feedback cause if it was the case that a proper amount of knowledge is required then I would take my leave.

I didn’t even respond to the second comment cause I wasn’t trying to start anything I don’t want drama I don’t want issues I just wanted to make sure that if this was a public opinion that I would leave!


Wisdom doesn’t matter to me. I just want to believe above all else that’s it I promise you.


You are welcome here.

I do think you need more help than we can give you, but we do seem to help you and as long as that is true feel free to keep asking questions.

I know that you are a genuine seeker, however we have some people who are not and some may confuse you with those.

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