Final post and apology to all


Well, just know that even if you hate yourself, we don’t share that opinion, so please, do stick around.


You make a good point, I never really looked at the numbers or affiliations this way, but we should have an hospitable spirit toward all, even a troll!

I miss it because I used to look especially for Reformed Christians because I can always have a rousing dialogue!


Yet, even such simplistic question could be the ice breaker that that person needs to insinuate him/herself into the forum.

Maran atha!



…just an observation… when you type the word God, make sure that it is capitalize–it diminishes the intent if you use lower case “g.”

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Yes, while this sets the tone… it is like those “dating” sites/clubs… the human contact is removed; so it may take a few extra posts to note that a person is not Catholic or is not Protestant… we can learn to listen better or ask better questions or be more patient… remember, God can use all things for the good of those He Loves… so we should be willing to engage all… even trolls–consider Jesus’ Command that we Love and not hate and that we pray even for those who persecute us!

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" I do genuinely hate myself though that’s a really good observation."

But see there lies the big issue, whether you believe it or not GOD LOVES YOU, HE REALLY DOES! Once you realize that you’ve taken a big step in the right direction.


I think you mean “Please don’t delete your posts.”


Indeed. Thank you.


One day I’ll see it. I want to know Gods love. It’s one of the few things giving me hope!


pssst… here’s a very little known secret… God’s Love is Revealed through Creation… without knowing your plight I responded as soon as I noticed your post… many others have done so… it is a natural response of Love… we Love because God first Loved us… so He may not be responding in the awesome way that you’ve imagined… but He has demonstrated His Love and Concern for you by proving you with a few fellow Christians to bounce your thoughts on.

God is telling you (and us) that you are not alone!

Maran atha!



It really does help. When all you feel for a month is immense fear and despair and people help you still it does make it a little easier.


You might not THINK you KNOW it but God’s love is CONSTANTLY there.

There is a Priest Father Donald Calloway whose conversion is MIRACULOUS. He had NO faith. He grew up totally living the life of this world and this world alone: drugs, sex, rock and roll and anything else. Although he does say he NEVER got into satanic stuff (THANK YOU JESUS) there’s another St. I’ll mention about that later on. ANYWAY, despite all of that he miraculously came to Jesus through Mary. He not only learned the faith (in a way that could ONLY have been the Holy Spirit’s doing) he let go one day and got on his knees and asked God’s forgiveness for EVERYTHING he had done. Well long story short, he became a Priest and not only a Priest but a Priest in a Marian (Mary) order. He is the poster child for Divine Mercy and he will tell you himself that without God he probably wouldn’t be here.

So you see GOD LOVES US ALL-----Whether we love Him back or not. He’s there waiting for us to make that first move. He NEVER leaves us no matter what. But He won’t force His love on us either. He loves us enough to let us choose Him or not.

All you have to do is HONESTLY TOTALLY ask Him and mean it and He will show you the way to Him. Don’t feel unworthy or that it’s for later or impossible, it can be right now. His ears are ALWAYS open to His children. His arms are ALWAYS ready for us to fall into. His shoulder is ALWAYS there for us to cry on and lean on. His hand is ALWAYS ready to take ours and walk with us thru this life. ALL we have to do is ask. Even if we don’t know how just try and He’ll help you. It’s not going to come all at once but it will come. That’s what He wants all of His children (YOU, me and every single person) to be with Him. God Bless and hoping you can go to God ASAP and stay with Him forever.


I’m praying so hard I had to first resign myself to a lack of an amazing miracle just for me, then I had to resign it to God doing things in his time, then I just hope to hear him or witness him however he wants. I tried asking for signs and idk why I expected one lol so many people go through life without that or miracles or even questioning! I need him to convert me cause I’m trying by myself and I can’t.


“I’m trying by myself and I can’t.”

NONE of us can. “Through Christ I can do all things”. It is ONLY by God’s grace that any of us open our eyes in the morning much less do the things we need to do. And it is ALSO ONLY by God’s grace that we come to know Him. We have to ask but He ALWAYS answers. It doesn’t have to be the answer we want but His answer is ALWAYS the best answer. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. You’ll be amazed over time if you UNCEASINGLY pray and ask God to come into your heart, mind and soul what will happen. Don’t close any doors, let EVERY possible entrance be open to God. I’m praying for you. God Bless.


No one except the person that is actually experiencing the turmoil could say the “know” or “understand” what that person is suffering/going through… but I do not need to be hit by a semi to know that I’ll be obliterated by it… in the same way we can emphasize with others… even in the midst of our own pain and sorrow we can share with others God’s Love.

I remember one particular news clip during the aftermath of Sept. 11–there was this group of nomads offering some of their animals to the US because they felt our pain as news of the terrorist attacks hit their nation. I thought, ‘how beautiful is Love that these people should find it in their heart to think past their own needs and problems to offer support to the greatest nation on earth?’ “They know,” I thought, ‘that Life is more precious than anything else and that the loss of Life in such calloused way diminishes our human dignity.’ I can only attribute their generosity to God’s Love–we are all Crated in the Image and Likeness of God!

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AMEN! That is so beautiful. I had never heard that story before.


It still brings tears to my eyes:

He wanted his elders’ blessing for his plan. But, unexpectedly, one-by-one the elders stood up and said they were so inspired by his plan they wanted to do the same. In the end there were 14 cows that had been pledged to the American people to help bring them peace. (

It also brings to mind Romans 1:

19 Because that which is known of God is manifest in them. For God hath manifested it unto them.
20 For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable.
(Romans 1)

These people Knew God in their heart–they were able to grow past their human limitations and allow the Holy Spirit to Convict them.

Maran atha!



Absolutely! I think I speak for most posters on CAF in saying that as well.


Thank you for not hating me.


That is an amazing testament to love. Thank you!

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