Final post and apology to all


Click the avatar on a post and the posters religion will appear if they have provided it.


It is amazing, isn’t it.

I have just watched much the same unfold here on this thread … it’s the love of God, pouring out over you through the hands of all these posters.

Now, pick yourself up, be encouraged to go forward! :heart:


I will try my hardest.


I’ll continue to pray for a personal experience. Is it possible he would ever just say no and never give me what I need?


He would never NOT give you the experience of knowing Him cause that is what you need most. Sometimes what we think we need is really what we want. Many times I’ve prayed for things and the exact opposite happened, but later on I realized had MY prayer been answered it wouldn’t have been for the best. The way God answered it was for the best.

If God says NO or later or not in the exact way you want, be SURE that it is because He has your BEST interest at heart. He gives us what He knows is best and we may not have a clue. God sees the whole book when we only see the paragraph or the page we are on. God will NEVER EVER EVER send you something that will hurt you or be bad for you. Even illness, pain, loss is a lesson and a blessing because it means we needed to focus on something better or even just focus more on God. I know that sounds crazy but God LOVES US! He doesn’t find joy in our pain. He doesn’t find joy when bad things happen to us. He doesn’t leave us when the going gets tough. He tells us in the Bible life would not be easy, life would not be simple, life would not always make us happy but He did tell us he would be with us every step of the way. He will NEVER EVER leave us.


I am trained in mental/spiritual health issues. My radar is pinging strongly re our poster.
Given he indicates significant issues in this area:

I’m sure I need mental health help as well and actually I’m seeking a psychiatrist and psychologist as the ones I was with have caused major issues.

I reasonably believe you have no feel for the situation or the mood of my contributions and so would be best putting the shotgun back in the cupboard thanks.


Try They do phone appointments.


Hi Struggling1. I havent seen you post on this forum, or at least remember, but I’d just like to say this: You wanted to ask questions on a place where questions are to be asked. You do not need to apologize for that. I do not know what questions you may have asked, but let me assure you, we all ask questions that we see as important. If you see these questions as important and will help you return to the church, then i dont see why they can’t be answered.

Some people may say that a certain level of Catholic education is needed or critical reasoning is mandatory, but what these people most likely dont realize is that not everyone has a brilliant catholic education or critical reasoning (i sure don’t have the greatest catholic education, but i am still learning!).

The point i am trying to make is that Catholic Answers Forum should be a forum for all people with any level of education to ask questions about the Catholic faith. I hope you will remain and continue to ask questions that will help you understand the Catholic faith.

Have a good day!


Oh, wow, that’s not true at all. Please feel free to talk to me (or others who have helped you) via PM if you are no longer comfortable posting on the board.


Too late, I’ve got my pitchfork and torch lit already… You’ve gone too far this time. I’ve already been in contact with multiple Jesuit hit squads.


Will actually try them thank you!



16 stupid characters


I am not up to date on your posts, I just happened to see this thread. It touches my heart that you say you haven’t had a miracle just for you. I have had several miracles just for me, and this sets me to thinking.
I first believed, totally and with no reservations, when my Mother took me with her to pray at a Catholic Church ( before I experienced a miracle just for me ).
I was 7 years old. I felt God’s presence at the Church, I met Jesus, somehow, when my Mother lit prayer candles that day. When we got home, I made a little alter in my room : a little picture of Mary with baby Jesus, and all my stuffed animals gathered 'round to worship.
Maybe you need to get offline, go find the nearest Catholic Sanctuary or retreat place or Monastery and walk around, visit it. Feel and think. Pray if it feels right.
You are searching for Something that is wordless, and won’t be understood or found via conversation.


Greater the struggle, greater the reward.

I know you can’t see it, and frankly, neither do I – I guess that’s where faith comes in.

Keep struggling, asking, searching, wondering, questioning.


Struggling , whomever told you that is, quite frankly, talking through their. :clapper:.

Please continue to post.


Of course you can seek answers here. As they say, who made these people the controllers of CAF.

Tell them thanks but they are quite wrong.

It is after all catholic answers


He is not an atheist, Read his posts and why he is posting.


Just flag anyone bullying you.

It’s incredibly uncharitable


Read CAF rules. You are breaching them, disparaging this chatter and bullying him.

Just stop it. Stay out of his threads . Scroll by, if you have nothing positive to contribute.


REC I can only go by what anonymous people I don’t know advise me. Namely
"[I] was someone who is atheistic…"

Did you yourself fully read the somewhat trivial discussion REC? It is a storm in a teacup based on a confusion (I am even more confused if our poster is not an atheist), and an unknown and unusual sensitivity.

As others have noted the Apologetics forum is not a ladies knitting circle but a place for robust exchange of views. If the feint-hearted enter unannounced they are in danger of having their unknown sensitivities bruised.

As others have observed a forum is by definition a loud and rough and tumble market place for differing views. It one is seeking a quieter support group type atmosphere then “Catholic Living” has been well suggested as the more appropriate place. Both areas are good-willed in nature regardless.

That good will was demonstrated when I apologised on realising the nature of what I was dealing with. Your reaction then does seem a little OTT.

Hmmn said Dougal.

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