Final post and apology to all


For this chatter, and all his posts, they are important to him. Don’t trivialise them.

In his search for God, a brother and sister are called to support and encourage him. We are , afterall, the Body of Christ, as is the op.

If someone is offended enough by a reply, to the extent they must start a thread like this, take heed, Back off, apologise.

Not everyone can understand the rough and tumble verbiage an individual subscribes too. It’s not a dojo either. We aren’t doing 30 rounds for a Shodan grading.

If you have offended, Be that example and apologise. It’s in the 10 Commandments. We are not called to bruise others sensitivities. We are called to never offend.

This is a public forum , we should be that light in the window. Living to the utmost, the precepts of God.

As for your ‘as Others have noted’

Are you marching to the beat of God’s drum , or that of humans .?

If others jumped off cliffs would you…


The issue is a trivial confusion, the poster appears over sensitive and indeed advises us he has a difficult history, he posted on an apologetics forum with quite a limited knowledge of Catholic faith, only later did he reveal he was an atheist, I apologised well before he directed his hurt feelings over on to this new thread with a somewhat biased version of events, he has not acknowledged my apology and now other members advise me he is not an atheist at all.

Rose it seems that one of us is not on planet earth - I don’t believe its me thanks very much.
This issue is a storm in a teacup, lets move on, I certainly am from this point forwrd.
God’s peace to you both.


You are way out of line according to CAF rules, attempting a diagnosis

As do we all. Unfortunately the only one with any expert status is no longer with us

Excellent. But an apology is not an apology if you keep it up, is it?

You must be trying for the hat trick of bruising sensitivities and promoting your rough tumble forum ideal.

And being you once said you were living in Aus… quit coming the raw prawn with this topic, mate. Give the kid back his bat n ball


No one here, especially @BlackFriar, has 'attempted a diagnosis". It was the poster himself who stated he had a difficult history, which is not a “diagnosis”.

To be fair, members here have a great deal of expertise in many areas. WE are not here as experts, but that does not mean we don’t know anything.

There was a misunderstanding, and the person who misunderstood took it hard. A perfectly appropriate apology was offered. There is no “bullying” going on here.

No one claimed it was an “ideal” either. I simply noted that Apologetics tends to be more direct (I used the metaphor of iron sharpening iron) and that a poster that was looking for more support and tenderness is well advised to seek a different section of the forum. Some of us like very blunt interaction, but persons with sensitivities probably will not.


You have been given a wonder gift of humility through this. Try to be at peace now.


We can tear another down or support them on their journey.

Which is the action our Baptism calls us to?


Was it? It sounded more like “I’m sorry you felt offended because you’re too sensitive for this place” instead of “I’m sorry I offended you.”


Thanks, but I think you meant for this to go to the OP


Yo-ho. I went to go see if this was the same poster as the OP in the Buddhist/yoga thread, but it looked like that one got deleted. So, the same offer— if you ever need to talk through your thoughts, I’m here as well. :slight_smile:


Yes so sorry! He’s really put himself out there in a vulnerable position.
Just feeling empathetic.


Well, I honestly hope you don’t leave because if you do then so should I lol! I am new here and have asked quite a few, and at times silly questions. I’m sure there are people who are annoyed by them, but all the answers I’ve gotten have been kind and thoughtful. Please stay so I won’t be alone with my questions :joy:


You know, not trying to start anything, you seem like a nice, knowledgeable guy you know, but there are people out there whose souls are very easily hurt. Is this annoying to more robust characters? Yes, but I believe that it is a matter of the stronger to take care of the more fragile of the flock. Sometimes a rough word, a harsh explanation can do more harm than good and send a person far, far from our Lord because they felt rejected, unfit, and hurt. We always have to remember to meet people where they are at, to be kind to all( yet firm. It’s an art to be mastered) and to be respectful without watering down our faith. The goal is to win hearts for Our Lord, and this can be done with gentleness. Either way, don’t think I’m coming at you, I more or less just want to put this out there in case it helps others too :)! Good luck to all of y’all!


I agree @Roseeurekacross with everything you’re saying.

Struggling1 is someone in a very precarious position - insensitive or incorrect words could permanently drive him away from the Faith.

@BlackFriar are you ready and willing to accept potentially being the reason somebody permanently walked away from the Faith? We need to be VERY careful in how we choose to speak to people like Struggling1.


Struggling1, please don’t leave. While most of the participants are Catholic, we have posters from all walks of life and various religions. Never be ashamed to ask questions. We all learn from one another here.

Whoever has made you feel it’s pointless to try, pray for them and forgive them. As Jesus said, 7X70 (aka limitless).

If you wish to PM me here, I’ll be happy to help you or refer you to sources that can. I’m sure most here feel the same way.

God bless you and guide your path.


Missed this thank you for a much needed laugh :slight_smile:


Don’t know the origin of your hardcore apologetics but why are you following this person on this particular thread?

You do understand that stalking is not mandated by Christ. Do you recall what He often said? It goes something like ‘who ever has ears, listen; who ever has eyes, see.’

…then, as those in St. John 6, when people did not want to Follow, he let them leave!

Defense of the Faith does not require diminishing or being dismissive of any one person–even those openly hostile to the Faith!

Maran atha!



I fully concur with your post!

It is interesting how the religious elite dismissed and debased Christ–‘drunkard, charlatan, crazy, in league with the devil…’

…and we know exactly what Christ did ('did not shout, nor broke a bent reed…); and even though He Actually had Full Authority, He did not seek to Equate Himself to God’s Divinity, but emptied Himself of it so that He could reach and save man.

Sadly, we ‘holier-than’ often lord our abilities and spirituality over those we consider our inferiors… in spite of Scriptures’ warning that we must humble ourselves before God so that He can Lift us up!

Maran atha!



…or one of us is in a class all on his own… don’t forget that the proud will be humbled in their pride by God.

Maran atha!



@Struggling1 I hope you continue to post here! I like seeing your posts and am always excited to see what those who thirst for God want to know and learn about. If you aren’t comfortable posting here anymore, feel free to message anyone; we are all willing to help! (even if sometimes we can come off as a little too straightforward :wink: )


I am afraid that one is my fault. I quoted his “offending” post in this thread, so he automatically got a notice.

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