Final straw for me to leave Catholicism


These things have zero to do at all with the Catholic Church.

Now, you may find the current political climates in both these USA and the Church to be crucifying. That’s understandable. But we don’t run from our problems and call ourselves mature adults. We confront them as best we can and do what we must to get on.

If you don’t think the Catholic Church is the one founded by Christ against which the Gates of Hell will not prevail, I wish you good luck. But if you are leaving because you have suddenly discovered that the church is full of sinners, then I invite you to consider whether you will find better or worse elsewhere. The world is full of nothing if not sinners.


I know what you mean.
I used to go to a gym to work out.
But then i noticed all of the fat people there… hypocrisy.
I mean if you are going to go, you should be healthy and trim. But these people just did not live to the expectation I had for the gym.

So I left.


How are you doing? I know you from before this name change and the struggles you have been through. This seems like an extreme departure and I hope you are doing it with a clear mind. I have kept you in my prayers.


Red state versus blue state

A strong pattern that makes some commentators uneasy is the fact that, as Brooks put it, “the electoral map and the charity map are remarkably similar.” Or to quote the Chronicle of Philanthropy ’s 2012 summary of its giving research, “the eight states that ranked highest voted for John McCain in the last presidential contest…while the seven lowest-ranking states supported Barack Obama.”

  • Total charitable giving grew 4.1% in 2016 and 5% in 2017.

Seems the GOP maga types are pretty charitable. And charitable giving is up since trumps election in 2016. That’s a dystopia?


Are you taking the easy way out?

Many disciples took the same approach (see John 6:66).

Its never been clear what became of those disciples, but it is implied that unless they converted later, they gave up their personal salvation.

The gift of Free Will can be like any gift…a blessing or a curse, depending on what we do with it.


I pray that you return to the Catholic Church. Not all people in this world are good. But God’s word is good and true. That will never change. :pray::pray::pray:


It is a dystopia if one watches too much news or buys in to populist politics. For example, if you think Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is credible, then you probably also think Wells Fargo is in the business of putting children in cages. That’s dystopian. But it’s also fantasy.


To be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wells Fargo did put children in cages, that is one shady outfit. I do a lot of business with them. They’re sketchy.

But AOC is insane as well lol


Wow. You do know that children are abused by all sorts of people, parents, other relatives,
coaches, teachers, etc. And it happens in all denominations, in fact the Southern Baptist Convention recently came under fire for their unwilling ness to even admit it was a problem.

It is not “the Church” that is corrupt, it is some of her people, and that has been the case since the beginning. Does the name Judas ring a bell?

I’m sorry that you think leaving the Church is your only option. I will pray for you, and we will be here when you decide to come back home.


I very much understand your feelings and am approaching Catholicism from the type of groups you have mentioned. I don’t feel that the failings of individuals need be an indictment of the Church as a whole. Every human organization is filled with the same stuff. But I do keep things at arms’ length while still enjoying the liturgy and the prayer life that Catholicism offers. I pray you will find fulfillment wherever things take you. Blessings. -CW


Not to mention the obvious… But if the OP is worried about gay men in leadership positions, Unitarian Universalist churches are not the place to go.

There is apparently a fair amount of lesbian ministers abusing young women and girls, also.

A 2014 article in UU World estimates that 2/3 of UU congregations have had, at some point, a minister that was abusing parishioners.

UPDATE: Heterosexual adults, homosexual adults, youths of both sexes, and little kids have suffered. Just to clarify. But the percentage of UU gay and lesbian ministers is greater than in most other denominations, and the percentage of abusive ministers is higher… So indeed, the percentage of abusive gay and lesbian ministers is higher than in most other denominations, also.

This is interesting to me, as UU problems seem to have slipped under the media radar. And it is worrisome, because I know UU folks who are pretty fragile.


Not surprising. Homosexual relationships are pretty inherently rooted in abuse.


What is rhis supposed to mean?

Abusive relationships happen in both same sex and opposite sex relationships. Being gay does not automatically make someone “more” abusive.


With all due respect, that’s a stupid reason to give it up. You either believe or you don’t. If you believe, stay. If you don’t, don’t. But don’t blame your own lack of faith on stuffy old rich white men, FOX, MAGA, Trump, whatever. I don’t like them, either.


If you have time, here is some recommended reading about other seasons of corruption and heresy, how the laity perservered, and how God raised up saints to renew His church. You seem very adamant, but give it a try.

The Bad Shepherds: The Dark Years in Which the Faithful Thrived While Bishops Did the Devil’s Work


Not everybody with SSA has suffered abuse, but statistically it is very common.

And unfortunately, among people put in positions of power without a good amount of wisdom, a fair amount of these unsuitable people will get their jollies by being abusive.

The same UU World article noted that it is difficult for a denomination that does not believe in sin to criticize such behavior, or get people to acknowledge sexual wrongdoing as possible.


You do realize that there have been abuse cases in both of those churches, as well.


Look to the saints and their stories first before you make such a final decision. Modern saints (last 150 years) are the best to look into as we can relate to them better.

Our Mother prophesied many times that the Church would be in apostasy from WITHIN, that doesn’t mean it won’t get better. It’s a trial. Our Lady of Good Success prophesied this. Our Lady of Akita prophesied this.

Our Lady of Akita says,

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

“The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them”


If Jesus didn’t found a Church, then on what foundation do other Christian denominations stand? If you say that “Jesus didn’t found a Church”, then you’re kinda throwing out the baby with the bathwater…

Well… people aren’t Jesus. We try to follow His teachings, but we all fail. All of us. To look at one example of failure (when there are many, all around us), and decide that one Church alone is sinful… well, that’s not quite reasonable, is it?

I would think I would say that it prophesies all the people who turn their back on God, wouldn’t you?


So… hang on a second. The fact that the “hospital for sinners” is full of sinners makes it ‘de facto true’ that it’s not trying to live up to its mission? That doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, don’t you think?

Umm… I think you’ll find them in every denomination. :wink:

If Christ didn’t found a Church, then He didn’t found the Churches that we now call ‘Eastern Orthodoxy’. :wink:

It’s not a “logically consistent reason.” :man_shrugging:

You realize that not everyone in the Church is a Republican… right?

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