Final straw for me to leave Catholicism


As the Lord says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” That the reprobate would be found within the Church was predicted by Him. Our holy faith preceded them and will last after they have been judged by it and gone to their reward.

As St. Gregory the Great commented on these words of the Lord, before there were any Episcopalians or Universalists, etc.

And it should not frighten you that in the Church the bad are many and the good few. For the Ark, which in the midst of the Flood was a figure of this Church, was wide below and narrow above, and at the summit measured but one cubit (Genesis vi, 16). And we are to believe that below were the four-footed animals and serpents, above the birds and men. It was wide where the beasts were, narrow where men lived: for the Holy Church is indeed wide in the number of those who are carnal minded, narrow in those who are spiritual. For where she suffers the morals and beastly ways of men, there she enlarges her bosom. But where she has the care of those whose lives are founded on spiritual things, these she leads to the higher place; but since they are few, this part is narrow. Wide indeed is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction; and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate that leadeth to life; and few there are that find it!


You know, some of those types gave you advice and prayed for you when you were using another name here.


And some of us gave her advice here too.

I am not a huge Trump fan, but in light of our other choices, he was the most acceptable.

I am an old, conservative, white woman though, so I am probably part of the problem too. :expressionless:


There it is. Leaving because of your political biases, hate, and labels. What’s more important to you? Your political ideology or your spiritual belief?


Statistically it’s far more common in homosexual relationships.


I’m not sure if “The Atlantic” is the best source for statistics.

Looking at what was supplied by the CDC, and without context, it does appear that it is more prevalent in the gay community, but that is the agenda.


Don’t follow the teachings of political parties…don’t follow what some Catholic priests have done.follow the teachings of the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ…and keep focused on his promise that he will never abandon his church…nor you…where else would you go to partake in his presence in the Holy Eucharist…


All I will say is that 8% of the Apostles were corrupt (Judas, 1-12), and 92% (all but John) failed at least once.

There are 5469 living bishops. If 8% are corrupt, that’s 440 corrupt Bishops, which is A LOT. But it is also the same percentage as the Apostles.

If we look at 11 of 12 Apostles failing at least once… then that’s 5032 bishops.

The point is: The Catholic Church is infallible and perfect. However, the men who make up the clergy are not. It’s filled with sinners, just like the sinners Jesus selected to be His Apostles.

Do you don’t abandon Jesus because of Judas.

God bless


When we read the Scriptures, many times there were sinful men who did terrible things, the children of Israel fell away, however, they remained God’s chosen people. They did return.

The gates of hell will not prevail.

I would suggest reading Chamberlain’s “The Bad Popes”.


I believe in what the Church teaches…

However, the moral actions of the Church recently have convinced me that I can be a good Catholic without the Sacraments and God knows my situation.

Isn’t being gay supposed to disqualify from ordinationm? If so, why are 40-80% of priests gay? They have been fake since the beginning, so the Church has a huge cartel of invalid priests(not technically invalid although I’m not sure… At least invalid in that they shouldn’t have been ordained in the first place.)

A cadre of wolves dressed in flamboyant sheep clothing.


The Atlantic is fairly left leaning, although still one of the more credible papers, they don’t have any particular anti gay agenda.


So, your issue isn’t really with the Church at all, it is your hatred and fear of gay men and conservatives.


Your belief is simply incorrect. No one can be a good Catholic without the sacraments. This is precisely why Jesus gave them to us; He knew we couldn’t make it without them.

I will pray for you to return to the Barque of Peter - the only Church that Christ started.
Deacon Christopher


It’s with snarky passive aggressive Catholics trash talking me when I’m going through a mentAl health crisis and spiritual crisis simultaneously.

Where is your charity?

What you just said and that attitude in general makes me not wanna step foot in any Christian Church.


The Church makes no immoral actions. I challenge you to name one, because you can’t.

Catholic Clergy and Lay People do make immoral actions.

God bless


While much of vocal American Catholicism has crawled into bed with Trump, that is not what the Church is.

I recommend Catholic writer Mark Shea as a leading faithful Catholic who is torn up about the abuse and cover-ups, actively rejects an overly “Republican” idea of Catholicism, remains fervently Catholic, and writes eloquently about all of it.


I should have said “Catholic hierarchy.”


”And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” - Matthew 16:18

There will always be sin in the Church but Jesus Himself says evil will never take over the Church. As such, it is the One Holy and Apostolic Church.

The Apostles didn’t leave Jesus when Judas betrayed Him. Why should we leave when some priests have betrayed us?


I’m not being snarky I am trying to understand. Everything you are railing against is not “the Church”, it is actions by sinful people who make up the Church.
There is a difference.


I am only going by what you have said.
You have bad-mouthed every person here who does not agree with you. Is that Christian charity?

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