Final straw for me to leave Catholicism


Sounds AWESOME. Will definitely be a good read because “GOP/Trumpian Christianity” and the sex scandal and scandals in hierarchy are huge issues for me right now.


Some people are responding with charity and empathy. Are you latching on to percieved snark and skipping those of us who try to respond in kind?


So you’ll throw away the Sacraments, God’s gift to man, because of a few bad men?


Yeah, the constant theme here is just anger - well, more likely hatred - at various groups. I find a bit bizarre further that the solution is Episcopalianism or Universalism, since, with the exception maybe of conservatives, both have plenty of gays, white men, and rich people.

I think everyone here is aware that you were already there and nothing we say here would keep you away. At most, we might point out a problem that you could revisit later when you’re not suffering, by your own admission, a mental breakdown.


So based on this logic, you should leave the United States because you are disgusted with Trump and people who voted for him. (NOTE: I’m not telling you leave, I’m just showing where your logic leads)

You don’t leave the Church because of the actions of other people.

That line of thinking will lead you to leave Christianity, because there are TONS of Christian leaders who are hypocrites and corrupt.

You can’t base your faith based on the actions of other members (even preachers and Christian leaders).

I hope you realize this.

If you are going to leave the Church… leave because you don’t believe in the dogmas. But don’t leave because of corrupt bishops.

If anything: the corruption only supports the supernatural origin, because how can a corrupt organization last for 2000 years and still teach morality? It’s a miracle and must be protected by the Holy Spirit.

God bless


A thread filled with such hate. I may not agree with these so called “Trump supporters” who the OP had condemned (I am a registered Republican who votes pro life and 3rd party) but know that you are my sisters and brothers in Christ and I pray and love you very much, you are equally part of the Body of Christ and deserve your dignity respected despite any disagreements I or anyone else may have.

Also abusive Priests, I pray for them very much. They have done terrible things. They don’t need us raging about them, that does no good. They need our prayers for their conversation of heart, mind, and soul.

Stop spreading hate, and spread love and the infinite mercies of Christ


Someone once asked St. Francis of Assisi, a man who thought himself too unworthy of the priesthood, what he would do if he encountered a priest he knew to be a great and public sinner. He said he would fall to his knees and kiss that priest’s hands, not because of the priest’s sins, but because of that priest’s Holy Orders, because that priest could confect the Eucharist and hold Our Lord in His hands.

That percentage is an over exaggeration, and even so, people lie. Lay people, priests, bishops, popes, they lie. It’s not right, it’s very wrong, but they do. They are however valid priests. Did you think Satan would not try to infiltrate the Church? Of course he’d try. He’s tried before, and failed. He will not succeed this time.


I would LOVE to leave Trumps dystopia nightmare America… I love to go to Canada, Sweden, Netherlands or Norway.

I’m a US Military Veteran and I view him as a domestic enemy who I swore to protect the US Constitution from.


Canada is no better. Don’t you just love getting locked up for tweeting something “hateful”?


It depends.

If a bully is picking on a minority and inciting hatred, I see nothing wrong with putting an end to it.


Paul said things people disagreed with and he was locked up for it


Who gets to decide who the bully is and who the victim is?

There is a lot of abhorrent behavior on both side of the aisle.


Wasn’t there just a headline at Bloomberg about how the US now has more millionaire households than Sweden has people? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s hardly a dystopia. A dystopian nightmare is something like Venezuela, which has been running out of food, money, and electricity for years, and is now having trouble with its water supply and internet blackouts while the socialist elite still party like it’s 1990.

What are three things that are dystopian and nightmarish about the United States right now, that would make you want to flee it? Not that there’s anything wrong with broadening your horizons— but I just enjoyed the WWII museum, and it was a very potent reminder that Europe has not traditionally been a bastion of peace, security, and stability. :slight_smile:


If someone picks on a minority, shame on them, but unless they are somehow violent against said minority, then I see no reason to lock them up.

Back to the topic at hand, you’re essentially giving up on Christ, who said his Church would prevail.


Not all gay people commit abusive acts. Not all gay priests commit abusive acts. Gay people don’t lack self-control anymore than straight people.

Please stop condemning people for an attraction they didn’t ask for. Condemn the sin, not the person. Condemn the abuse not gay priests which you clearly are doing. Straight priests abuse too. Otherwise keep casting the first stone.


Well, if you can, do it. Try moving to one of those countries and see if you like it. If you do, great! If you don’t, you can move back here and will have a new appreciation of the US.

No place is perfect. But the United States has historically been about freedom. No other place in the world is as free as the US. But not everyone needs our freedom.

If you want to move to Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway (which all have far less people and are far more homogeneous societies) go ahead.

Remember, the more homogeneous the society is (either ethnically, religiously, or ideologically) the more “ordered” the society is. But that’s not the United States. We were founded to be ethnically & religiously diverse.

So, I’m not going to hound you for wanting to move to another nation. Instead, I encourage you to move. You will NEVER know for sure if you like living there better unless you move. And you just might like it better and have a better life. So try it. And you if you don’t like, you can always move back.

But remember, leaving the United States is not a mortal sin. Leaving the Catholic Church for the wrong reason is.

God Bless


If you’re having a mental health issue my charitable input is to seek a qualified professional because no one on this forum is qualified to help via this forum. I hope you find the help you need.


Might I recommend you take the time to look up the word “hypocrite”?


But to leave the Church on account of them is to empower them beyond belief, i.e. let them dictate the destiny of one’s soul.


Here is his blog. He tends to get more vitriolic about what he calls “The Greatest Catholics of All Time” (those who follow conservative folk heroes over the Pope) on Facebook, should you wish to check that out. He gets called everything from gay to pro-abortion because he doesn’t follow right-wing orthodoxies, despite continuing to stand for everything the Church teaches.

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