Final Vows and News from the Novitiates

…but mainly Final Vows. These are the ones that count. Oddly, the women’s communities that are habited often have more entrants and ultimately final vows than the non-habited post Vet II communities. but the latter, though shrinking rapidly from their previously huge numbers, will continue, though much smaller in their charisms, because people are entering them, in very reduced numbers. I have not followed women’s communities for some time, but was surprised to see, using google, that people are still entering them.

It is now recognized that the pre-Vat II size of women’s communities was a cyclical phenomenon, swelled by the large families of immigrants in the US. As birth rates dropped, and after the changes of Vatican II took effect, fewer entered. Also women found that they were able to enter many professions previously closed to them.

The women entering the non-habited communities tend to be fewer, older and well-educated. It appears that once they enter, they are more likely to stay, though I don’t have the statistics. If true, it may be because these women have to leave their jobs, and possibly lose them, sell or lease their cars and leave or sublet their apartments and sell their houses or at least rent them, before they even enter.

I used to post a list of events as I found them for the non-habited communities, as few appeared interested in them, and there was a tendency to post events of the more familiar rapidly growing communities. I wanted to call attention to the others, less visible, and, strangely, harder to find on their websites and online literature. (I find this very odd in view of their dwindling numbers. You would think that their events would be on their first “pages”.)

Here’s a preliminary list of women’s communities, taken by using the search words “Final Vows” on google. I stuck in the Jesuits with 22 Final Vows.

Final Vows and Novitiate Events 2014-2012

Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann communities

2014 ---One final vows, one new novice and one new candidate (postulant)


Aug 2013 ---One Final Vows


2014—Sisters of St. Benedict Ferdinand Indiana—Two Final Vows

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Sisters of St. Joseph

August 2014— Sisters of St. Joseph Rochester MN —One Final Vows

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“June 22”, ? year–Congregation of St. Joseph cjss Wheeling WV—
One Final Vows


Aug 2014— Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph cjss—One Final Vows

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Aug 2014— Sisters of St. Joseph Rochester Minnesota— One Final Vows

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Summer 2012— Sisters of St. Benedict, OSB, Mother of God Monastery, Watertown, South Dakota

lists four in formation: one candidate, one novice, and two in temporary 	profession.

2013—22 Jesuits say final professions.


Aug 2014—School Sisters of Notre Dame—One Final Vows

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Aug 2014—Sisters of Notre Dame Chardon, Ohio—One Final Vows


June 2013— Sisters of Notre Dame Toledo, Ohio—One Final Vows

July 2014—Religious of the Cenacle, on google— One Final Vows.
links to website are dead.

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Jan 2014— Sisters of Bon Secours—One Final Vows


Sept 2014— Maryknoll Sisters— Three Final Vows


Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration LaCrosse Wisconsin
October 2013 —One Final Vows

May 2013--- One Final Vows

May 2012---Two women enter novitiate.

August 2013— Sisters of St. Ursula, Eastern Province— One Final Vows



The community of Benedictine sisters where I am an Oblate had one sister take final vows this year and they have one novice. The one who took final vows is a woman who is older and worked in the corporate world and was quite successful. The novice is also older and worked successfully for many years.

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