Finally a Muslim condemns terrorism


His name is Jamal Miftah from Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can read his letter on In no uncertain terms he condemns terrorism in ways that sound like me.

So what was the result? Glad you asked.

  1. He was threatened with death by fellow Muslims.
  2. They condemned him for criticizing Islam and fellow Muslims in front of us kaffir. Thanks for admitting that the terrorists are practicing Islam. Proves what I’ve been saying.
  3. Kicked him out of the mosque, Islamic Center of Tulsa, until he apologizes! Yes, apologizes for calling for a fatwa against Osama bin Laden.

Religion of peace indeed.


That’s why criminals NEVER want to meet their in-mates once they are released. Its a perpetual SHAME. Islam simply cannot accept the truth. To muslims, truth really hurts like hell.


Do you have a direct link to that letter? I couldn’t find it.



I can read it. Its there.

Here, direct to you:

If you want something even more personal, I suggest you write to Jamal and his family directly and ask him to fax the letter to your home. :slight_smile:




Just goes to show… islam is the religion of violence IMO.


Pro, what do you think?


Ironic, don’t you think?


Muslim condemned terrorism long time ago. You just don’t want to know and you don’t want to search it.

“La Astaslem” which means “I will not surrender”. Do not surrender, keep up the good job of “uncovering” the religion of peace. I hope you are receiving your full of a feeling for a job “well” done.:clapping:

Kind Regards.


Joseph, when you pierce to through the rhetoric they DON’T condemn terrorism. Ask them if they support Hamas or Hezbullah? If they do then they support terrorism.

25,000 Muslims protested yesterday in Turkey. Against terrorism? No. Against the Pope. You don’t see Muslims protesting against terrorism and if one does then he gets booted out of his mosque.

I am doing a good job of exposing Islam as it is. It is easy. Everyday I read of further persecution of my fellow Christians by the “religion of peace.” You don’t believe me? Then let’s meet in Saudi Arabia and I’ll say a public Mass.


Joseph, thank you for the list of those who have condemned terrorism. As a muslim, can you explain why Jamal Miftah’s mosque would have expelled him and demanded an apology?


So a few Muslims condemn terrorism - bearing in mind the thousands of people killed in Islamo-terrorist attacks. When 9/11 occurred where were the Muslim demonstration against the ‘jihadist hijacking the religion of peace’? When 7/7 happened where were the Muslim demonstrators against that terrorist attack? When the bombs went off in Spain and Bali (twice) where were the Muslim demonstrators?

When the Pope said a few words of truth that didn’t kill anyone thousands of Muslims went on rampage, destroying property and killing a nun. On Sunday, at least 20 thousand Turks demonstrated against the Pope - who did not kill anyone - unlike the Jihadists.

Does anyone wonder why we keep on saying that Muslims are silent when the Jihadists commit terrorist attacks? Any response by the Muslims are demonstrably inadequate and way out of proportion.


I looked at the list. Very deceptive. Some who claim to condemn terrorism in fact support it. Several leaders of CAIR are in prison. I am reminded of the Egyptian cleric who prayed after 911 at the National Cathedral. The next week back in Cairo he said we kaffir deserved it, in Arabic of course. Thanks


Amazing how predictable Islam is. In any scenario involving Islam and non-Muslims, assume the very worst, and you will always be right. At least in the old Soviet Union, you could sometimes criticize some functionary or other and get by with it. Even Stalin sometimes spared a few critics out of whimsy.

I have long thought that if immigration is ever brought within the law, there would be no immigration at all, because the American people would not tolerate any Muslim immigration whatever, and the courts would not allow discrimination against the enemies of our civilization, religion and nation. So the American people would insist on a total ban.


well seems like all of you are no less terrorist or liars since you have selective memory . I am from that mosque and no one threatned him he is welcome any time .
did you forget that a muslim from egypt died in verginia tech to save lives also 2 terror plots were unfold thanks to inside muslim informants.
But the american media chooses to ignore that .
First it was the indians then the blacks then now its the muslims at least muslim clerks don’t screw kids in the name of relegion like all of you catholic do.
600 million dolloar is what the court in LA has giving to the victimis of catholic perverts and still more to come who is uncovering that huh no one so i don’t judge cathlocism by the act of some catholics and you shoud not judge islam by the act of some muslims instead of spreading hate try to encourage people who spoke out against terrorism then we will have more muslim who can help bring down ben laden and his likes
Iam a muslim who loves america and wishes the best for america and hopes for diverse america not a rednick one


peaceful muslim froths at mouth…film at 11.


I go to the Mosque in Tulsa and Jamal is welcome back anytime. He is not expelled

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