Finally An alternative to Novus Ordo TV!

Here is a news program that treats Eastern Catholics and Latin traditionalist as REAL Catholic! Not extraordinary forms LOL
It has very good New updates from around the world! Something Ewtn should have been doing years ago! At last some competition to EWTN.

Here is a report on the Dominican Rite Liturgy being approved for use again and Pope Benedict saying that belief in Jesus Christ is necessary for Justification!!! (See you later Rahnerites and the Anonymous Christians!)

I would be careful at this site. It includes links to (so-called) reports that the World Trade Centers were brought down by “controlled demolition” and not the air planes.

Seems they buy into some really strange conspiracy theories.

Why is it that some “traditionalists” web sites seem to get involved in these sort of conspiracy theories?

I’m not certain waht you mean by a Real cathoic unless you have some precieved persecution issue from having traditional veiws. A better use of time might be doing the work of Christ instead of arguments of waht should be or should have been. The TLM and OF are both accepted forms of the mass. It is good that we have a choice an dthat choice should remain, but making divisions instead of recongizing and accepting that we can worship in different ways in the same faith ultimately decomes destructive to the faith as a whole.


Sorry maybe I didn’t expailn myself well. Was the TLM condemned? No. When did EWTN start to broadcast a TLM? How many Greek Catholic Liturgies are on EWTN? Marionite Rite Liturgies? etc…How many Catholics have the illusion that the Catholic Church is only Latin and NO. Other Catholics are treated like they don’t even belong. Their liturgies are given derogatory names like extraordinary. How many priests from other rites have their own show on EWTN?

What are you talking about?


A Physicist: Why Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?

In the Abstract which is on the first page the author says, “And I present evidence for the controlled-demolition hypothesis…”

If this is such a good Catholic web site why does it need to get into these sort of wacko conspiracy theories that really have nothing to do with Catholicism in the first place.

Personally I would steer clear of this site.

Your are right if this is your true meaning. Many Roman Catholic Traditionalsit want to treat the TLM as the only “true” mass. In thier failure to recongize the OD they also exclude the other forms of the mass that are practiced and are equally recongized as valid liturgy. I have friend who goes to the Anglatan rite church. Similar to the Latin mass but in the English vanacular. Very beautiful but I wouldn’t want to attend every week.


Actually, wasn’t the Holy Father himself who termed the Traditional Latin Mass as the “Extraordinary Form?” How would that term be considered “derrogatory?”

When did EWTN start to broadcast a TLM? How many Greek Catholic Liturgies are on EWTN? Marionite Rite Liturgies? etc…

It happens relatively frequently.

How many Catholics have the illusion that the Catholic Church is only Latin and NO.

That’s another issue. It’s a battle I fight here all the time. As I say, I refuse to get in the back of the bus.

I would add to what you have said that the mass broadcasted on EWTN is the conventual mass of the Franciscans of the Eternal Word or the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration.

They celebrate the Latin Rite because the Franciscan Order is a Latin Rite order. The only liturgies that are allowed in a Latin Rite religious house are the two forms of the Latin Rite, the OF and the EF.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

Seems they buy into some really strange conspiracy theories.

Let’s not get too paranoid about conspiracy theories. Fatima was listed as one of the top ten.

Thank you I think it is a big distraction to focus on side issues. The main point is that there is an effort to report the Catholic news different from a only Latin- N.O. -“Franciscan”- USA-Republican-EWTN perspective.

There is a lot of good stuff on this site. To disparage it just because one thinks NO ONE can ask questions and freedom of speech and inquiry is a crime, is very myopic.

I think EWTN and CA look at the Church with Pollyanna glasses. More perspectives are necessary

It is funny you seem to be more sensitive to criticism of the Franciscans than the Church Her self

My statement is not a defense of the Franciscans, but a clarification of why the mass on EWTN is the Latin Rite. Many people don’t know this. It can be misleading to some people to say that they do not have mass in other rites. It must be said that they only have the conventual mass.

The other masses that they televize are special occassions such as the Holy Father’s visit, the Bishops’ conference this past week and so forth.

I’m not the producer, but I would imagine if something really big happened in one of the Eastern countries where the Eastern Rites are celebrated, they would televize it. At least, I don’t see why not. It would be interesting. But even the Holy Father’s masses in the Middle East were all celebrated in the Latin Rite, when he could have celebrated them in the Eastern Rite, since the Latin Church is the smallest group of Catholics in Jordan and Israel.

If all you have are Latin Rite masses to televize, that’s what you do. I guess. Don’t take this to the bank. I’m not into mass media, nor an expert in that field. This is just my thought.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I’m not the only one that thinks there is a huge difference between the Miracle of Fatima and a conspiracy theory about 9/11…

It was true that the Fatima story was thought to be a fabrication of some poor children and their families in search of profit and so forth. But the diference is that the Fatima story bore great fruits of charity.

The 9/11 event has not brought forth any fruits of that kind. Therefore, we cannot put them into the same catagory. With 9/11 we are left with the information that we have at face value. Conspiracy theories don’t seem to yield any fruit that benefits anyone.

It begs the question, what use do conspiracy theories really have?


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

Maybe if folks want other rite’s broadcast over cable and the airwaves they should start their own network like Mother Angelica did.

She did it in Alabama, US of A no less.

I’d pay to watch it.

If a humble nun can accomlish what she did, it is possible for an annoyed poster on CA forums to do the same thing.

If you can talk the talk, walk the walk.

Eddie Mac

Gloria TV is basically just a Catholic you-tube channel with it’s own storefront. Same advice goes if you’re browsing youtube looking for Catholic stuff; use discretion.

Absolutely - I remember on the occasion of Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey he was present at a Divine Liturgy celebrated by the Ecumenical Patriarch, which was broadcast in full on EWTN.

Apart from which I’ve also seen at least one Maronite liturgy broadcast.

If a very very occasional watcher like myself can on occasion come across these sorts of broadcasts, it stands to reason that they aren’t non-existent on EWTN!

I don’t think that they’re non existent either.

My point earlier was that the daily mass that they televize is the conventual mass. The conventual mass is going to be the EF or OF, usually the OF, even though it’s in Latin. But that’s because the OF is the official form of the Franciscan Order.

When they televize something outside of their house, they don’t just select Latin Rite masses. It’s just that most of the time the masses are Latin Rite.

One thing that people should be aware when they watch the mass on EWTN, I’m speaking about the conventual mass now, is that it is going to have different readings and different prayers on certain days of the year. The Franciscan family has its own lectionary, sacramentary, liturgical calendar and breviary. On days when there is a Franciscan feast or solemnity, it takes presedence over the mass of the day for the universal Church. Also, some holy days are memorials or feasts for the universal Church and solemnities for the Franciscan family, such as the Solemnity of St. Francis and the Solemnity of St. Clare. On those days there are three readings, a gloria and the mass proceeds like a Sunday mass.

I had a friend ask me one day why the mass on EWTN did not follow the missal. She was trying to follow along from home. It turned out that it was the the feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis, which is not a universal feast. She thought that the friars on EWTN were commiting some kind of liturgical abuse by changing the readings and the prayers of the mass. She did not know that many orders have their own liturgical calendar and books. She was relieved to find out that they were not being “innovative”.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

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