Finally, coming back home!


I’ll just cut to the chase, I’ve made the first step to coming back to the Church! :slight_smile: I emailed my local parish priest two days ago, and he replied to my email today! He is very nice, and said I was a priority (I don’t think I am, but to him, I am), and he will be coming to my house next week (the week of November 17 - 23) to discuss me coming back to the Church. However, I need to wait about four days to give him a date (I have to wait for my work schedule). I am extremely excited about meeting him, and his email my not just my day, but my life. It was awesome, almost brought me to tears (almost brought me to tears just writing that:blush:).

Now here is why I posted this in the Liturgy and Sacraments forum.

I need some advice in how I should speak to the priest and the proper way to address him. Also, is there any special thing I do when I first meet him (besides shaking his hand)?

And, is it alright to do confession at my house, or at the parish?

Any tips would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


God’s peace. Just address him as “Father” and do what he asks you to do. Welcome home!


That’s great to hear! Glad to see another soul return to the Church. :thumbsup:


Good for you! I think that’s great that you got in touch with a priest!
In terms of your question, I think you could call him “Father Smith”, or whatever his last name is, and if he prefers “Father Joe”, he’ll say, “oh, just call me Father Joe”. But it seems safer to start with a more formal title, or even just “Father”.
I have a feeling that he might not do confession at your house, because he might not know if you had a chance to do a good examination of conscience. Maybe that is something you could ask him, if he knows of a helpful booklet to do a good examination of conscience. Or maybe you have all that stuff figured out already!
My husband is a Canadian guy who returned after being away from the Church after about 25 years. We “invented” a sacrament, “first Confession in a really long time!”. Just kidding! :slight_smile:
I’ll say a prayer for you - - I’m really proud of you for taking that step - - and I hope everything works out for you!


Address the priest as “Father”.

Confession (now “Reconciliation”) can be done anywhere a moment of privacy can be
gained between you and the Confessor (always a Priest).

Welcome back!


Welcome Home!:smiley:

God Bless!:thumbsup:


What a blessing to hear this my prayers for you from another prodigal son.

God Bless,


God Bless, and may your return home bring peace to you


Welcome back! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It’s always good etiquette to call a priest Father. Just a handshake will be fine when you meet. Otherwise, just have a normal conversation and pose any questions.

I don’t see an impediment to having Confession at your house.


Welcome, welcome, welcome home! I just returned in February and I’m so glad! I know your feelings well. I’m excited to have my first REAL Christmas in years. (We weren’t attending any type of church, anywhere.)

It’s so good of you to see your priest at your home; I had emailed mine about making a confession; he responded (never even had met me), and made me feel so welcome and at ease! As for having confession at your home, I don’t know what the priest has to do to prepare for it beforehand, so you might ask him about that.

I truly believe that this Year of Faith, and the prayers associated by our fellow Catholics have brought us Home!!


Thank you! And you to! :slight_smile:

Yeah, my priest is an awesome guy. I am really looking forward to meeting him. I emailed him again tonight, and we are for sure meeting next week. I’d feel more comfortable confessing my sins to him (and there are many, such as missing Sunday obligation and the “m” word). I’ll probably send him an email again tomorrow or the next day to clarify if we can do Confession at my house.

And so do I. I also credit our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in bringing back. And I absolutely love Pope Francis, he’s one of the main factors in me coming back.


Glad you are returning to the Church. I sincerely hope and pray that you will find the same peace and joy that I have found, having recently returned myself.

Our parish has been blessed with a priest that positively radiates with his kindness and empathy. It’s his first parish and he’s only been here a short time longer than I have. As a shy person I can sense the shyness in him and it’s the perfect fit for me; it makes him so much easier for me to talk to.

I initially started out calling him Father Edward, but he told me Father Eddie is fine. I would suggest you take your cues from the priest.


Praise God that he has called you.
Sounds like you have a great priest. Put yourself in his care and trust.
We normally call a priest “father”.
I believe he can hear a confession just about anywhere.

Don’t be anxious about what you are to do, it will all fall into place. God will guide you himself and through your pastor.


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