Finally Realized how important the Consecration Is

Well, the title is a bit misleading–I’ve always realized how important the consecration is. However, I went to a protestant worship service this morning with my friends while in Maine. The energy level was high, but there was something missing. Despite hearing a good sermon there was still a void in the service. This really showed me how special Communion and the consecration really is. It adds SO much that we may sometimes take for granted. I just thought I’d share this. :slight_smile:

You bet its important. Its the heart of the Catholic religion. The protestants just don’t seem to get it though.

Hi! I’m Greek Orthodox and I also agree. We have a Consecration as well. It is the most important part of the Liturgy. I compared it to the Catholic and while I find the Catholic one very uplifting, the Orthodox tend to extend a little more time for it. Let me explain. While the priest says the same words that our Lord used at the First Supper the Liturgy then goes into the part when the priest invokes the Eternal Father to send the Holy Spirit. At this moment the congregation like the Catholics are kneeling in anticipation of this visit for the change to be made. All the Altar Servers and the Sub-Deacons are prostrating before the Altar as the priest is asking the Eternal Father to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of His Son through the action of the Holy Spirit. After the exchange the whole community is kneeling in Adoration for the next few minutes. We are in silence and petitioning the Lord. The moment has arrived to give the Holy Spirit our intentions so that He may give them to the Eternal Father. These 4 to 5 minutes we spend in Adoration has always been our encounter before the Trinity before we receive Our Blessed Lord. After our petitions we then get up and now prepare to receive Jesus in this Great Sacrament. The movement of Consecration to Adoration and Silent Petitions have given us a personal connection with the Trinity and receiving Jesus in the Sacrament the Food that will grant us the Graces and Strength to help us in our struggle to conform in His Image and to witness for Him to the world. Like the Catholic we too find this uplifting and nothing can ever replace it or make it better except seeing Our Lord face to face! God Bless!

I’ve had the same thing happen! :slight_smile:
A while ago I visited a Protestant service, and it felt ‘empty’ and I realized that’s because there’s no Eucharist. I used to be Protestant and never noticed this before.

In the Chaldean Rite, there are no “words” of consecration and it’s a valid Mass.

Interesting! What exactly is the Chaldean Rite and which church uses that Rite? Curious how the Mass be valid. I know that the Lord’s words at the Orthodox Liturgy is not when the change is made but when the priest invokes the Holy Spirit. Is it the same for the Chaldean Rite or do they have a different form to make the change possible. God Bless!

Here you can read the Church’s reasoning and declarations on the matter.

the Chaldean Catholic Church would be the one thats using the Chaldean Rite

Thanks and I will look it up. God Bless!

Forgive me I am a very ignorant man when it comes to the West. I don’t know Latin. You see I am Greek Orthodox and this stuff you are throwing at me is foreign to me. It’s new to me. May be you can translate it for me. God Bless!

So they are Catholic very similar to Rome. Or Catholic in the universal sense. This is new to me since the Orthodox Church never mentions them at least the Church that I go to. Thank you for telling me. God Bless!

That link should be in English. At least, it was when I posted it, and I’ve just checked that it still is. Is it not for you?

The Chaldean Church originated in Iraq if I am not mistaken. It is one of many different Rites of the One Catholic Church. Others include Coptic, Maronite, and Armenian. They each are allowed to have their own liturgies and Church hierarchies, but they are all in union with the Bishop of Rome. In Birmingham we are blessed to have a Maronite Church with its own beautiful traditions and liturgy. I urge my fellow Latin Catholics to learn more about the Eastern Rites of the Church as we all make up a beautiful tapestry to form the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Unless you’ve specifically marked your language when given the opportunity (just enter and select your language) it may default to Latin on your computer. I’m not guaranteeing anything but you can try that approach.

Sorry Mark, I took that hymn below it to be the message so I apologize. I thank you for that link and it is very useful to understand these Churches. It is wonderful we can get to know each other like this. May be the Internet can bring blessings as well. In one way the Catholic Church also gives permission for the Orthodox to receive when there is no Orthodox priest around. The Orthodox may not have statements regarding the Catholics to receive but depending on the priests there is usually no problem. We have alot of Roman Catholics receiving at my Church which is Orthodox. Two of them are married to my brothers as well as many of them married to an Orthodox. Even a Roman Catholic coming to visit may receive as long as that person meets the requiements to perpare and so on. Many Orthodox Priests disregard their Churches position and permit the Catholics to receive. It is a start and hopefully through much dialogue and communication and visits we will see all our Churches enabling to receive Jesus in our respective Communions with no more restrictions. God Bless! oh yes thanks Sam and to the rest of you for your inputs. It has helped me tremondously and I thank you.

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