Finally, some good news from Pennsylvania


Finally, some good news from Pennsylvania. The former Bishop of Harrisburg was cleared of potential allegations.


Keep the prayers up for this whole situation and be thankful for the good and faithful shepherds


Can the mainstream media feature this? Please, please, please?


Call me a pessimist, but I think it will go unnoticed.




It’s in the mainstream media. At least, it is in Central Pennsylvania.


Yes, I’m thinking more on the national level as the negative coverage was.


I’m a PA resident (coincidentally confirmed by Bishop Rhoades), and I’ve seen it all over our local news.


It will be buried on page B-16


Good :smiley: At least there’s that!


Don’t be such a pessimist! :wink:
It was on the front page of our newspaper. Albeit below the news about Florence.


I am in a mood because some of my friends who are somewhere between pagan, evangelical and atheist just discovered that some priests have in the past molested children. :roll_eyes:


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