Finally; we get to tell our story

It looks like our side of the story will finally get told in a major media format.

With all of the negative press around Catholicism lately it is great that a network is going to be taking a risk by letting Catholics share the story of Catholicism.

I’m excited for this documentary, and I pray for its success.

That looks wonderful!

Hopefully it will be met with understanding and not ignorance.

WOW! That looks so amazing! I am seriously excited for this now! =D Goes to follow them on facebook!
Thanks so much for sharing!

God Bless,
~Katie :knight1:

A review of CATHOLICISM has been posted on “The CatholicThing”. A couple of exerts:

So what is this thing, Catholicism (speaking now principally of the DVDs)? Simply the most vivid catechism ever created; a high-def illustrated manuscript for the twenty-first century; the best-ever film about the Catholic faith…

No brief review can do justice to the breadth and beauty of Catholicism. It will be an essential catechetical tool from now on. It will lead to conversions and bring lapsed Catholics back to the Church. All the years of labor by the project’s team have paid off in triumph. The Spirit is at work here.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing it for myself. Hopefully it will be great tool that we can use to share our faith.

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