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Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone had a particular prayer or saint they pray to, to help them with understanding their finances to be better stewards of their money. I feel like my prayers in the past have missed the mark. I feel that I need to pray for wisdom for better handling money in general. To control my impulse to buy things that are not necessary and to learn to save in order to be able to give more to those truly in need. Anyone have any suggestions on prayers, saints intercessions or novenas that have worked for them in their own financial lives? I would appreciate any and all suggestions.:confused:
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I believe St Matthew is the patron saint of accountants.
If you don’t mind the suggestion - go to Dave Ramsey’s web site and look at his suggestions or just listen to his radio show (it is streamed on the net). He has books available too if you need them. They offer a real common sense approach to finances and it is faith based (albeit not Catholic). A lot of good suggestion - saved me in a pinch last year.

Good luck and God Bless.


The Infant of Prague devotion has been quite miraculous for our family as well as our friends’ families. We always seem to be doing the urgent need one since money and job issues always seem to hit us suddenly. I’ve been known to do this novena 9 times a day for 9 days. We’ve tried this for other issues but this devotion, for us at least, seems to be the one for help in the monetary/job area.


The prayer of Saint Jude


I am a big fan of St. Matthew (Remember, he was a tax collector), St. Joseph (father- head of the family- probably kept up on the family budget), St. Teresa of Avila (did a lot of building) and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

I just “wing it” with St. Matthew.


St Anne, mother of Our Lady, as well as St Bernadette of Lourdes (who came from a very poor family) are traditionally patron saints against poverty - as is Our Lady of Good Remedy. You might like to pray to one or more of these.

And I agree, I ALWAYS seem to be doing emergency novenas when it comes to finances :slight_smile: My favourite is Mother Teresa’s emergency novena - you simply say the Memorare prayer nine times in a row, repeating your request with each prayer. I suppose you could adapt this one, there have been Memorare prayers written to St Joseph, the Sacred Heart (which is a really beautiful one) and many of the Saints.


My prayers are with you kathy. Impulsive shopping used to be a weakness of mine, as well…Pray and tithe more each week, and the two somehow cured me of overspending…and spending on not needed things as you say. I will pray for you…that you gain strength in this area. God bless.


Just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who have replied to my post. I greatly appreciate all the advice and information on the Saints. I think I will start with the Infant of Prague prayer. I am also going to visit the Dave Ramsey Website. Thanks again to all of you for your support in this matter.
May God Bless You,


I discovered kinda’ late that my impulsive spending was related to being Bipolar. . .gotta’ watch my manic phase, ya’ know? Anyway, St. Dymphna has been a great help to me (Patron St. of those with any kind of mental health issues). The single MOST powerful aid in this?? By far, The Eucharist. My prayers are with you and feel encouraged. . .we can overcome.



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