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Merry Christmas all!! I hope everyone is having a blessed and reflective Advent.
I am (unfortunately), in a position to be needing a debt/financial counseling service. Due a terrible year in the workplace, I have racked up a overwhelming amount of CC debt. What I need is the name of a catholic company (or at least christian) who provides such services. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks…your prayers are also welcomed and appreciated.



Are you looking for a company to shift the debt to? Or take out a new loan to cover it?

Either way, there is some fantastic advice here (it is a British site, though, so adjust advice accordingly):

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Thanks Magic. Merry Christmas! I think I need someone in America but, I’ll absolutely give your site a look.
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I know what it’s like I’ve been there too because of car issues and a sick cat that needed to be hopitalized. Luckily this Christmas I received a couple bonuses which have helped me out temendously but before that I went to a credit councilor and they were unable to help me because my debt wasn’t high enough. One thing they suggested was talking to your cc company about charging you a lower interest rate. I was successful with my request because I’ve never missed a payment and have a good record. Even if that’s not the case for you ask anyway and tell them if they can’t give you a lower rate then you’ll tranfer your balance to a company who will.


Some local Catholic Charities do credit counseling. Our diocese does, but you would have to check with yours.

Nationally, find an organization affiliated with the NFCC, such as Money Management International or a local CCCS.

Good credit counseling does not have to be from a Christian group.


Thanks Sierra & 1k!!!


Veritas has a Catholic arm:


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