Financial Aid for College


I hope that being a Prayer Warrior doesn’t bar me from ASKING for prayers but I would humbly ask for prayers that I qualify for Financial Aid so that I can attend College in the fall.

Thank you so very much.


Good Luck on financial aid, I hope you applied early; that’s when you get the most money. Again good luck!

God Bless



Ask all you like. I’ll pray for your intention, and hope that all goes well. :gopray:




My prayers for you :gopray2:


Prayers for you so that the opportunity to further education is blessed upon you. God Bless.


I will pray for your intentions.


Thank you all for your prayers. I got word today that I have qualified for Financial Aid. So hi how hi how its off to College I go:extrahappy: :extrahappy:


will offer this up in my a.m. rosary:D


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