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I realize after reading some of these pray intentions, that mine is not so important…:cool: but we are kind of over our head financially and are waiting for a piece of real estate to sell, it’s been over two years on the market. The sale of this real estate would be a big help.



Place your faith and trust in the Lord. He hears all prayers and knows what you need before you ask. You are being tested for a reason-which will be revealed to you at some future date. But, faith and trust will see you through this. You are in my prayers.

Christ’s peace.


I believe all who are here are deserving of prayer for whatever burdens they bear and I will gladly pray for you!


I’ll pray for you. :gopray:





St. Joseph, please help this family



I have a thread posted under selling my house. My wife and I are in the same situation as you are. I will keep you in our prayers and ask that you do the same for us. I have been through this struggle to the point of a nervous break down, but I always remember that God never gives us more than what we can handle and through our darkest hours He is there with us. I am not sure how comforting that will be to you, for when I first started to think about it and compared it to my debt and burdens having to do with the house that hasn’t sold for two years, it didn’t seem that comforting. But prayer has helped me tremendously… my own and the ones from people on this message board. I still have bad days where I get very depressed and anxious, but there really isn’t anything either of us can do to make our house sell except pray and trust in God. I will be praying for you.



I will pray for your intentions…


What a very humble post indeed. “Humility, humility! The Lord cannot resist humility” (Teresa of Avila). Lord, please grant that the real estate of JCC will sell and that his financial problems will all sort out.
Be assured that if a problem is a problem, then there is no great or small - only the problem in God’s scale of things. He who knows when one hair falls from our head knows well when we are worried no matter worried about what…
St. Rita of Cascia pray for JCC for the Lord hears your prayers especially in desperate causes…


Lord God hear my prayer and help this realestate be sold to the right person in the right time. God the financial problems we go through can be healed by you and resolved in an instant. I pray for a quick sale on the property. In Jesus Name I pray…AMEN



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