Financial Resolution


Currently unemployed, filing for bankruptcy and ex-employer requesting repayment of $13,000+ for unexplained purchased items. Exemployer states that I’m responsible for charges since I reconciled this credit card, however this credit card was accessible to 20+ employees–credit card is assigned to a dept and not an individual–don’t have this money to repay.
I’ve been praying daily to Our Father, Blessed Mother and St. Anthony for stength and guidens. Please prayer that I will find some resolution to my financial problems.
Thank you and may you receive great blessings from God!:signofcross:




Praying for you.




Praying, praying, praying. God bless you and bring you through this, and give you peace.


Praying for you. :gopray:


Praying for you, and for all who used the card


You are in my prayers…


Praying for you!!





Will pray that your financial problems resolve…


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