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A couple of years ago I was buying something on Amazon with my dad and I signed up for the free trial on Amazon prime. After that I didn’t use amazon for a good while so when I next logged on I had forgotten about this and thought that ‘prime’ (it appears under the logo on the website) was just a free thing and it didn’t really mean anything. A couple of months ago I found out that the free trial had finished and my dad had paid £55 (or thereabouts) to carry being in prime. I haven’t told him about this but I know he hasn’t noticed it even though he does check his account online I believe. So, what should I do? Do I need to confess this? i’m not sure how to describe it without waffling.

Yes, I know I was stupid.

is also really grave that I ignore my brother pretty much all the time? He’s really not that nice to my parents and he never really liked me when I was younger.

I am really kinda baffled at your dilemma and think that you should talk to a priest about scrupulousness. Peace

Thankyou.:slight_smile: I was really badly scrupulous last year, but I thought I was okay now.:shrug:

Glad I could help. The evil one always wants to drive a wedge between us and our Lord.

Best wishes this Easter Season!

I don’t quite understand the first dilemma… so your Dad paid those 55 dollars without knowing, like it was extracted from his credit card?
If that is the case… would it be very difficult for you to tell him what happened, do you think he might get angry at YOU? (it looks like you didn’t do anything wrong on purpose)

Well now that you know, tell your dad about the automatic fee that was charged to his account. I don’t think you sinned because you have to have knowledge at the time and you thought the offer was free. I believe it would be a sin NOW if you don’t inform your father that you now know the offer was only free for a limited time and then his credit card was automatically charged.

That’s how these offers work, they offer them for a free trial period and then automatically charge the credit card you have registered with the site. They hope you won’t remember to cancel the offer before the charges kick in.

Thankyou, Happy Easter to you too!

Yeah that’s what happened I don’t know whether or not I should have known I would not get a reminder to tell me that the trial was finishing or whether Amazon amended the terms and conditions after other people complained.

I’m not sure how he would react :confused: Just wish I could turn the clock back.

Thanks, yeah I think you’re right.:frowning:

That’s what I thought.
Isn’t the morality of THAT at least questionable???:hmmm:
Not judging anybody, just kind of an interesting thought…

Let’s pray that your Dad will understand that it wasn’t YOUR fault.
It sounds like you kind of did it together anyway… I think if your Dad does get upset then probably at the tricks those people work with… You probably know your dad and how best to bring it up… when he is not stressed, and maybe kindly tell him you need to tell him something and hope he won’t get upset, that something happened that you did not intend to… etc

Your second question about your brother… it sounds like he is older than you? What you mean by ignoring? Is there a way you can try to let him feel love… maybe it will help HIM too to be nicer… I don’t know him nor how he is “not nice” to his parents, but I think it is always better to try to be a light shinging out God’s love to those around… even in very small ways.

Simply tell your dad the truth and then offer to pay him back–even if you can only do so a little at a time. I see no sin…unless you don’t tell him and offer to make it right. Ignoring your brother…probably a venial sin or imperfection. Offer to do an activity with him once a week or every couple of weeks. Be kind to him, pray for him. Be an example for him of Christ’s love.

I am not sure of you have to pay this back if it isn’t your fault… especially if you have much much less money than your Dad (if you are rich and your Dad is poor, then that is a different thing. And no, you need not specify here, probably that would be too personal a thing and your Dad probably wouldn’t want you to write about his finanical standing on the itnernet ;)).
Anyway… you might offer… if you feel it was your fault, or just out of politeness… or if you feel you really can’t at this point come up with the money, you can say something like: I realy don’t know how I could pay this back, I feel so terrible about this (only if this is the tirth, of course :slight_smile: )…

[size=][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Your dad may very well tell you to “forget about it”. It wasn’t something you did purposely. But I still say you should OFFER to pay him back just the same. If you’re playing ball in the backyard, and you accidentally break your neighbor’s window, it’s not a sin. But if you don’t tell your neighbor what happened and offer to pay for the damage, THEN you are sinning. If your neighbor is rich (or simply kind), he may say “Don’t worry about it.” And then it’s okay. [/size][/FONT]

:slight_smile: Yeah I think that is the normal/polite/moral way to do it.

See if you can make it work. Amazon Prime gives you free shipping on goods that come from the Amazon warehouse. You can save a lot of money using it. Suppose Amazon has goods at a lower price than the local store. Buy on Amazon, and it shows up at your door in 48 hours.

You can also get free videos through the internet, and borrow one free eBook per month.

Yeah I think so too part of me hopes that its illegal :rolleyes::hmmm: but I don’t think it is.

I told my parents last night, I must be lucky because they were really nice about it. I’ll tell him today that I’ll try and pay him back.

He’s seven years older than me so we have never really been close and we don’t have much in common for example neither of my older brothers are Catholic. I mean that I don’t really talk to him (the last time was probably Christmas). I asked him not to talk to me ages ago as I thought that for the last few months he was annoying me when we was probably trying to be friendly but I wasn’t used to this and couldn’t take him seriously. He doesn’t like my mum, I don’t think he appreciates how good she has been to him. He tends to ignore her a lot or swear. He just annoys me so I don’t really want to talk to him…

Good ideas. I guess it probably is venial.

No, he has more money than me (not really rich though:))

You, are right they want me to revise :slight_smile:

Thanks very much everyone:):slight_smile: I think I’ll take communion tomorrow.

I think I would try to give the brother a chance. Maybe he does mean it when he is trying to be friendly now? Maybe he ist starting to realize that he needs to change some things? Maybe you can pray for him and also for guidance on how to talk to him.

Thanks, it was probably about two years ago when I asked him to just stop talking to me. Whilst he was sort of trying to be friendly to me he wasn’t to anyone else and that probably put me off reciprocating, I find him a bit scary to be honest. It’s annoying because nobody knows if he really graduated from university or if he is getting enough help, I believe he was diagnosed with ADHD but I wouldn’t be surprised if that diagnosis has changed. Yeah, I need to pray more.

Maybe he is just confused himself. Because maybe he ha sinner difficulties he doesn’t know how to handle?

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