Financial Support


There is an running race coming up that I just found out will fund a cancer awareness program conducted by ________, a women’s organization with an outspoken pro-choice stance. Now it seems that the funds for this particular event might only be applied toward cancer research, though I am not sure. Would it be wrong to participate in this event? Our family has been planning to meet in the city where it will take place and run the race, so if I opt out I could spoil our plans.


Charities allow you to specify how you wish your donation to be used. Specify on your forms that the money you have raised by your participation in this race is to be used solely for the cancer awareness and research program. If, for some reason, this is not acceptable to the sponsoring organization, you may pull out of the race but still meet your family in the city and support them at the race should they decide to remain in the race. You would be there to support your family and to honor long-standing reunion plans, not to raise money that might go to fund abortions.

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