Find your Golden Compass Daemon

What’s your soul?

Fun game, reminds me of the dumb questions in the “Scientology” personality tests.

Phil P

I got a snow leopard, last time I got a lion and before that a tiger. Why do I always get oversized cats lol.

What the heck? I got a mouse?!? :smiley:

well, your screen name is a type of bird, which is an animal that cats are known to eat. Maybe you are self hating.:stuck_out_tongue:

Your profile reveals that you are:

Modest, dependable, relaxed, outgoing and competitive.

You are therefore matched with the Whippet Daemon

It looks like a Great Dane to me and her name is Voltina

he he I’m a fox! good looking, clever, and always going through the rubbish bins:D

Oh mine is a mouse too…

Lucky me and Remis. He somehow doesn’t look like how I pictured Captain Howdy…

I got a Inachus Fox…

Chimpanzee… Interesting.

I liked it. The brilliance of the Golden Compass series, the world, etc., leaves me wishing it had a better central message oftentimes–for I imagine it would be quite good then.

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