Find your home w/in my Heart..I would like your input

Hi everyone I was meditating and praying the other day and that particular phrase: Find your home within my Heart came to mind and has been on my mind ever since. So my question is how does one make a home in the Heart of Jesus?

I know there are prayers and devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which I say and I do attend Mass on the First Friday & First Saturday of every month. Are there other things I should be doing?

One does not “make their home” in Jesus Heart. One finds the home prepared there for him.
Jesus said, there are many rooms in my Father’s house and also, I am going to prepare a place for you.
You were told to “find your home” in Jesus heart. So you need to seek what Jesus has prepared for you, not try to “make” something there.

Since you received this locution during meditation, I suggest that you simply respond with something like, “Lord lead me to that place you have prepared for me”, and then meditating and praying as you normally would.
Jesus will guide you.


Include Him more in your every day life. Ponder your love for him more frequently as you go about you activities. Tell him you love Him, and thank Him for his goodness to
you as often as you can. It may seem monotenous to say the same things, but it isn’t.
Affection is never tiring to a mother who hears her child express her love. Think of Him
often and how kind and merciful He is. Make it up to Him for those who have turned from
Him. Take repose and rest in Him. He is loving you.

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